New Superb Telugu movies to watch in 2022
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New Superb Telugu movies to watch in 2022

Watching movies is always a craze for many people. But there are other who watches only hit films. Nowadays, you can find a lot of Telugu movies with different stories and characters. Most people watch movies online, which has become a convenient and easy option. Have you ever thought of finding an online platform where you can watch all the latest Telugu movies? Aha, the leading Telugu OTT platform will help you with it. You can visit this site to find an unlimited collection of new Telugu movies.

Do you like to know some of the newly released super hit films currently streaming on aha? No one would like to skip blockbuster hit films like Ori Devuda, Swathi Muthyam, and Sardar. All these films are of different genres but have caught the viewers’ attention and received positive reviews and good ratings.

The story Ori Devuda movie

Ori Devuda is a romantic comedy movie with an exciting story and some fantasy. The best friends Arjun and Anu get married, but later, Arjun thinks their marriage is loveless. When he sees his childhood love Meera again, he thinks that his life would have been better with her. Later Arjun and Anu decide to get divorced, but Arjun meets God and his assistant on the day of the divorce. God offers him a second chance to change his past, but he eventually finds that Anu is his best partner.

The story of Swathi Muthyam

Swathi Muthyam is a romantic comedy film that revolves around the main character Bala, a childlike-hearted grown man. The movie starts interestingly with him falling for Bhagyalakshmi and later plans to marry her. But on the day of his marriage, he faces a serious problem. The movie then continues with him trying to resolve all the mess.

The story of the movie Sardar

Sardar is a spy action movie with many twists and suspense. The movie involves the story of a police inspector Vijay and his father, Sardar. Sardar was falsely considered a national traitor, and his son faced many consequences. But later, Vijay finds out about his father, and both of them solve a severe threat.

Watch all the latest Telugu hits on aha

Aha is the best OTT platform where you can watch all the latest South Indian movies 2022, like the ones mentioned above. Apart from these, you can also find many other movies in aha. To watch all the new movies on it, you need to take an aha subscription plan, which is easily affordable.