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Your Best Bet for Pizza in Jackson

Your Best Bet for Pizza in Jackson

Often when my wife and I plan a night out, there is one crucial factor we cannot decide. What do we want to eat? If we are unable to reach a consensus, typically the great equalizer is always PIZZA.  Fortunately for us, the Capital City features a variety of options on pizza style, price, and flavor. Here is a list of some of my favorite pizza in Jackson:

Honorable Mention:  Funghi, Farm Egg, and Bacon Pie at The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen (Belhaven)


Funghi, Farm Egg, and Bacon at the Manship Wood Fired Kitchen

I have yet to try anything at The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen cooked inside their signature wood fired oven that does not make my mouth water. The pizzas are no exception. The charred thin crust personal sized pies are made with care, and are topped with fresh locally sourced ingredients.  My personal favorite is the Funghi, Farm Egg, and Bacon pie for $13. For the less adventurous diner, the traditional pepperoni pie is equally delicious for $12. Try them all during Happy Hour at half price, or two for one anytime with your Eat Jackson Card.

#5:  Andy’s Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza at The Pizza Shack (Belhaven)

The Pizza Shack is known for not skimping on the toppings.  One slice of their Supreme Pizza could be a meal in itself. However, my personal favorite is relatively simple for Pizza Shack standards. Imagine a perfectly sauced buffalo wing dipped in tangy ranch dressing.  Now marry those flavors with gooey mozzarella baked into Pizza Shack’s signature thick crust with a crunchy bottom. That is Andy’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza and it is awesome. A medium for $19.95 and a couple of cold draft beers is perfect for a casual date night.

#4: El Diablo at Lost Pizza Company (Maywood Mart)


El Diablo at Lost Pizza Company

My wife would not agree with this selection, but my love for all things spicy secured Lost Pizza Company’s El Diablo a spot on the list. Sweet BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, and bacon set the stage for stars of this behemoth. The pizza is then covered with smoky roasted red bell peppers, pops of acidity from bright yellow banana peppers, and the heat from freshly cut jalapeno peppers. Since my wife cannot take the heat (sorry Honey), a small personal pizza is just the right size for a dinner for one.

#3:  South Street Seaport at Sal and Mookie’s Pizza and Ice Cream Joint (Fondren)

The pizza named for the Historic District by the East River in New York City is the priciest on my list ($25.95 regular, $31.95 large), but has incredible flavor bolstered by fresh seafood. We have found a regular size typically feeds our family of 2 for at least two meals. The hand tossed pie has an Old Bay laced béchamel base covered with creamy mozzarella and provolone. It is then sprinkled with “straight outta Louisiana” crawfish tails, fresh shrimp, and decadent lump crab meat. Try it on wheat crust for no additional charge. The perfect end to any Sal and Mookie’s pizza is their freshly made crust dipped into a side of their chunky homemade marinara.

#2:  Italian Sausage with Fennel and Rosemary Pizza at Amerigo (Ridgeland/Flowood)

One of our favorite date night spots is located just north of the county line in Ridgeland at the Amerigo bar. Without fail it is buzzing with everyone from business men and women winding down from the work day to tennis players still in sweaty gear enjoying post match beers. Our go-to is the Italian Sausage Pizza ($11) accompanied with wine and the ever present complimentary focaccia bread and olive oil. You can hear the thin crust crack as you eat, and the fragrance of the fennel seed and fresh rosemary compliments each bite. It is simple, but a classic example of simplicity executed with perfection.

#1:  The Mississippian at Soulshine Pizza Factory (Ridgeland/Flowood)

The Mississippian Soulshine Pizza

The Mississippian at Soulshine Pizza

Regretfully, Soulshine no longer has a location inside the Jackson city limits.  However, Soulshine’s humble beginnings originated on State Street inside historic Hal and Mal’s before expanding to multiple locations all over the state. I first had the #1 pizza on my list at the original Hal and Mal’s location over ten years ago, and now you can find it at any of their locations. The Mississippian has a BBQ sauce base, but it is not your run of the mill BBQ pie. It is first covered with tender pulled BBQ chicken and lightly charred grilled chicken. It is then kissed with sweet and tangy sun dried tomatoes, and covered with fresh mozzarella and pepper jack cheese for an additional kick. The combination of sweet, heat, and acid leads to a burst of flavor that leaves you wanting more.

There you have it.  Whether you are looking for thin crust, thick crust, sweet, spicy, something simple, or something gourmet, the Capital City has you covered if pizza is what you crave.

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Russell Turley is a banker who lives in Fondren with his wife and their two dog children. He loves to travel and loves to eat when he travels even more. When he is not out sampling Jackson’s best cuisine, you can find him cooking meals for his family and friends at home at “Restaurant Seneca”. He also enjoys Alabama football, a nice glass of scotch, and competing at virtually everything from kickball to high stakes games of Trivial Pursuit.