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Who is EatJXN?

I’m just a regular guy with three kids and a wife. I like to eat out. And I love to visit new and new-to-me restaurants and meet new people. In 2009, I started a Twitter account called @eatjxn to talk about where I was eating, what I was eating, and share my experiences in local restaurants.

The Table 100 Burger from Table 100 (really?!)

The Table 100 Burger

I’m just a regular guy like you. No snobby foodie here; just someone who appreciates and loves great food, service and atmosphere. And that’s what Eat Jackson is about to this day: sharing our real life, average everyday guy (or girl) stories about the best places to eat in and around the Jackson, Mississippi metro area.

We try our best to keep it real and honest – and if we didn’t like it – our silence will be all you need to hear to steer clear! We don’t discriminate against dives or fine dining restaurants. I really like a good steak. And good BBQ. And a good burger. I also love really healthy food – like farm-fresh vegetables and vegetarian fare. I also love our local farmers (and not just because I married one of their daughters). I do not love sushi as much, so I get others who do to write about it for you. We have a sweet tooth – and it shows. Eat Jackson is powered by coffee and fresh-brewed unsweetened tea (saving the calories for dessert).

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Where We Eat

Eat Jackson loves local restaurants. We prefer to eat in places that don’t have thirty or more locations just like them, so that’s who we write about. Exclusively.

Sneaky Beans Pumpkin Latte

Pumpkin Latte from Sneaky Beans

Some of the best food we’ve had was served on a paper plate with light shining through the roof of the establishment. If you know of a place like that – tell us, so we can try it!

Sometimes, we even let folks like you send us your reviews and pictures of your favorite restaurant. And sometimes we post your stories right here on If that happens, you get celebrity right here on our very fancy Eat Jackson Contributors Page. If you want to see that happen, contact us and always keep in mind what Eat Jackson is about: food, service and atmosphere in locally owned restaurants that you would recommend to your mama and ’em.

The Eat Jackson Mantra

Eat Jackson is for FOOD. Good food.

Eat Jackson is for SERVICE. If your business’ service was terrible, I’ll probably say something. If you respond to fix it, I’ll probably let everyone know you did that, too.

I’m for ATMOSPHERE. Atmosphere doesn’t always mean $500K in interior decor. Atmosphere is another word for experience. Provide me with one. It might just be an old, old jukebox, or an old waitress that’s been there for 62 years.

The Filet Mignon from BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar

I’m for LOCAL. I admit, I’ve eaten plenty of fast and chain food. I might even talk about it. But I’m vested in locally owned businesses. I love them. I love owners that make their own paycheck – without the corporate system. I’m a small business guy myself. I’m for local, and we’re going to focus on supporting local in our media company and through everything we do with Eat Jackson. That’s just the deal.

I’m for JACKSON. Yes, I’m not always in Jackson, so you may hear Clinton, Raymond, Ridgeland, Madison, Flowood, Flora, Collins, Magee, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Starkville, Oxford or Vicksburg and anywhere else that’s worth the drive for the food… But Jackson, Mississippi and it’s metro area is the place we’ll spend most of our time.

I’m not a foodie snob. I’m a guy that likes food. I don’t order Italian dishes with a snobby accent, and I don’t have a $200 bottle of wine habit. We’re just real people. Eating real, GOOD food. And we want to give you the confidence to do the same.

Finally I’m for you guys. You make this fun because you tell me about all the stuff that I might not have tried and places I don’t think to go.  I don’t know where this might go, but I’m thinking that we should see if restaurants will give our followers a little something special for coming in.

Update: We’ve achieved a fair amount of success in this area and have created something called the EatJXN Card. We’re going to continue to giveaway food samples and meals here on EatJackson.comFacebook and Twitter, but the easiest way to get rewarded on a daily basis is to flash that shiny EatJXN Card around like you’re a superstar because you definitely are to these restaurants! Try it – and see what happens. We think you’ll be happy with the result.

Note & Important Disclaimers:

Recently folks have asked “do you get paid to eat at these places?”  We do NOT write good reviews in exchange for food or cash. We do ask restaurant owners if they’d like to give away some food on Twitter or Facebook to YOU. Often they say yes, and we help promote those efforts to sample their food out to our readers. But we don’t write reviews based on anything but our real experience.

Much of the time, a restaurant doesn’t know we are coming until after we’ve been there… It’s actually more fun to surprise them with a note later, saying “Check – we’ll be talking about you!!” If they do know, we get that the experience may be skewed, so we try to let you know that we were asked in, so you can gauge our stories better.

There is a list of restaurants that provide rewards to EatJXN Cardholders on our web site. These restaurants pay for the privilege of being listed on that page. They don’t pay much at all – only enough to weed out those businesses that aren’t that great or that wanted to take advantage of the system and make it unfair for the rest. But they do pay a bit to be there, and I want you to know that. Being on that list, however, is not a pre-requisite to be reviewed on or discussed on our social networks. We’re doing the best we can to keep the site full of honest food reviews and food-related discussions – and to keep rewards flowing your way at the same time – and to cover our costs for doing this hobby turned full-time job.

Last But Not Least

We are not professional food critics. We just like good food, good service and a good dining experience. Sometimes our experience is bad, but most of the time it’s a positive review, and we get to share our experience with others!  If you agree, fine. If you don’t, leave a comment, tell us about your experience. But be nice about it.

P.S. Many of you out there have the MLA grammatical standards memorized. We don’t. We’ll try and use spell check, but other than that, we make no promises.  Feel free to comment.