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The Blue Rooster, Flora MS – A Burger to Remember

The Blue Rooster in Flora Mississippi

The Blue Rooster has a yellow rooster on a green background…

The Blue Rooster visit to Flora, MS was a complete accident. Well, not completely but it wasn’t intentional like some of our visits are. We were trying to go somewhere off the radar, and as a whole family, and we were thinking of trying one of those catfish barns out in Pocahontas, mostly because that’s a cool town name, and it’s close to Jackson. It was a lovely night to ride through the country, and tonight’s journey was well worth the 20 minute ride.

I actually found the place through Google search for Restaurants near Flora, MS. Called the number just to make sure they were still in business. Was delighted to chat with a friendly voice on the phone who assured me they were open and that I could find really good food 18.2 miles away from Clinton.

I asked if there was a wait, and was told, “nope, you’ll be fine.”

Atmosphere in the Blue Rooster in Flora, MS

Quaint and inviting. Notice the ‘A’ health dept rating.

Downtown Flora Mississippi, is frozen in time. We watched a train pass as we drove in to town.  The Blue Rooster is opposite the train tracks and offers some train watching from the parking lot.

Blue Rooster Appitizer

Delicious meaty dip

Our party of 6 ordered and were quickly brought our appetizer. Our chip-to-cheese ratio was a little low and they quickly brought out more chips to remedy the situation. We really liked the dip, it was meaty and filling. The kids weren’t sure about it at first, but after a bite, they quickly dived in. Score for dad!

Next up was the real reason to go to the Blue Rooster in Flora. The Burgers. You might compare it to Majestic, Five Guys, Mugshots or whatever you want. I’m just gonna tell you to go try it. It’s not a gimmicky high-budget multi-million-dollar-investment-to-open place. It’s really good food, served by some really great people. I met the owner while I was there, she was very kind and gracious.

You start with the burger building sheet. (see picture) from there you pick exactly how you want to get your burger cooked, served, everything.

Build your burger worksheet for the Blue Rooster in Flora

Start with sheet and build your burger.


awesome burger with sweet potato fries

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Food: The food was amazing. The Burgers were the star of the show, and there were other things on the menu that I’ll have to try later, but the burgers out there are awesome. We had onion rings, sweet potato fries and regular fries as side orders. I really liked the sweet potato fries best personally.

Service: Often when you have a much younger serving staff, you find a weakness there. These girls were helpful and quick with refills all night. They even muted the TV so we could hear each other, without us asking. They were attentive all night.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere was great, I’d give it a B+ for being a cute redone building in an old town by a railroad track. It could have a little more art, or culture or flair on the walls, to go along with footballs and helmets and Walter Anderson rooster art. It would add more visual interest inside the room.  All in all, a great place to take the kids, or even for an off the beaten path date night.
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Blue Rooster Burger

Another great burger