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Stress-Free Family Breakfast On the Go… No Joke!

Stress-Free Family Breakfast On the Go… No Joke!

Ever need a stress-free family breakfast on the go? Here’s my story.

A disorganized mom, an exhausted dad, and a tired toddler all stop for family breakfast “together” on a busy workday morning.

NO, this is not a joke.

This was my attempt at a family breakfast last Friday. Fortunately, I can report that this real life story actually had a very happy ending, thanks to Steve’s Uptown Café and Bakery.

While my husband literally kept the car running, I ran in to grab us some grub. Here’s what we got:

For the “nothing-ever-fills-him-up” hubby…

I got the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit was the obvious choice. Made-to-order in no time flat, it included a fluffy, homemade biscuit over-flowing-ly stuffed with freshly cooked eggs and mounds of cheese and bacon.  My appreciative husband shared a bite of his satisfying sandwich with his greedy wife, and both of us give it rave reviews.

For the super-picky toddler…

I purchased a bag of homemade granola, which is the delicious, healthy and handmade from a recipe invented by Steve’s wife, Julie.

My “chicken-nuggets-are-all-that-keep-her-from-starving” daughter’s exact words after tasting it: “This is good!” (Bravo, Julie!)

I also really appreciated the convenient packaging and the fact that there was enough granola in the bag for her to share with the front seat passengers, who had to resist eating it all themselves.

For myself, AKA the “lover of all things sweet…”

I ordered a Lemon Teacake. I have always loved lemon squares and iced teacakes, and apparently this bad boy is the first born, spoiled-rotten child of the two.  (So glad the two yummy treats hooked up, and I’m not the least bit surprised they found each other attractive.)

It contained the perfect amount of lemon flavor, without being too sour. It’s icing/glaze is poured on, slap ya mama (call her later to apologize) goodness. The thicker consistency and larger size of the treat filled me up for breakfast (don’t judge), which was good for my hungry family members who know I’m not afraid to eat their food.

Happy Endings to our Family Breakfast

I’m happy to report that we all arrived on time to work and school with full bellies and smiling faces. So don’t be afraid to make your own mad, morning dash over to Steve’s Uptown soon for a heroic family breakfast on the go.