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Sneaky Beans – my favorite Coffee – Fondren


I love good smooth, rich, delicious coffee. They have it. I don’t do all the fancy coffee stuff very often. All the whirring and grinding and steaming can get a little tiresome – get me some coffee and get it now… 😉 I stick with the basics for the most part. Sneaky Beans has a consistent and wonderful blend of coffee. Byron Knight has truly created a haven of coffee, art and people – unlike any place in town. Local art adorning the walls is REALLY good art. Other places in town have a different flavor for every day of the week – here  you can get the “usual” and it’s the same. Call me a stick in the mud – but I’m all over that.

On several occasions I’ve walked in right as Mrs. Penny Knight is bringing in a fresh cake. She makes them all and they are fantastic. You will not find cake this good in most coffee shops around here. It’s like what yo’ momma makes.

Food/Drink: From the coffee selections to the beers including Guinness and other imported brewskis. I think you’ll agree that they have a great selection depending on your mood. The cakes (as I mentioned above) are fresh and awesome. Generous pieces, and fresh flavor make for a huge win!

Atmosphere: I love a place where you can walk in, get a little wi-fi, have a meeting hang out and visit without being pressured by overeager baristas to  order right away. Sneaky Beans has multiple rooms with cool art, comfortable seating and plenty of parking. I’m a fan.

Service: I’ve always gotten prompt, and courteous service. From the looks of the tip jar, most of you seem to agree!

If you are looking for a fun, funky place to hang out and have a brew, weather it’s a house brewed coffee or a brewski – I’d say sneaky beans is one of the very best in town!  Nice work B.
Sneaky Beans
2914 North State Street
Jackson, MS 39216

Price: $

(601) 487-6349