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Where to Get Juiced in Jackson

Where to Get Juiced in Jackson

It’s always a good time to focus on your health, and there’s no better way than to juice whole fruits and vegetables. Skip the expensive appliance and head to the local juice bar. Hey, hey, Jackson, Mississippi, we’ve got your ticket getting juiced!

Junk Food Doesn’t Love Me Anymore…

As a child I loved junk food. As an adult, I still love junk food. It is the junk food that does not seem to love me these days. Before, I could live off a steady rotation of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Oatmeal Cream Pies, and Cheese-Its, but now, at ahem – not 25 anymore – the same food leaves me sluggish and in need of a new wardrobe a couple of sizes larger.

Over time, I have had a growing love for more natural ingredients. There is something so natural and logical about eating food with one ingredient. An apple is just an apple. A banana is just a banana. An orange is just an orange.

And then… there is a magical dance of the tastebuds when you combine them! These days I rarely go a day without a smoothie, but I have yet to invest in a juicer and always like to keep tabs on a nearby juice bar.

Fondren’s Local Juice Bar

RainbowJuiceBar-Menu2On a recent Saturday after a week of deliciously greasy food, I was craving something lighter. Something that would propel me through a day exploring Jackson and taking advantage of a day off work to finish settling into our new abode. My husband and I recently moved to Jackson, and we saw Rainbow Co-Op on our first visit. Nestled among the wonderful local treasures Fondren has to offer, it was high on my list of places to explore.

I found the Juice Bar at Rainbow Co-Op nestled between the register and the produce section. I found that Rainbow Co-Op really has less of a juice bar and more a juice stand: a wooden structure with a chalkboard sign covered in suggested juice combinations.

After studying the recipes, I noticed a sign directing all juice patrons to the checkout register. I obviously looked lost, so the guy at the checkout register found me before I found him. I told him I would love a juice. He disappeared into the back room and returned with the employee in charge of juices. She came with her basket ready to take my order straight from the shelf of the store’s produce section! My whole body proceeded to thank me for opting out of fast food.


While any fruit or vegetable can go into a Rainbow Co-Op juice, I opted for a suggested recipe.

While any fruit or vegetable can go into a Rainbow Co-Op juice, I opted for a suggested recipe. The Golden Dawn was a tangy combination of orange, grapefruit, ginger, and carrot. Those new to juicing may find the ingredient selection a bit… odd. I’ll admit, not all juice ends up being a winning combination, but this one was!

Best of all, by lunch time, I had more than half of my recommended daily fruits and vegetables covered and without the pesky task of chewing!


The Juice “stand” at Rainbow Co-Op in Fondren.

Seasons Change

I have since gone back to Rainbow Co-Op only to find that the Golden Dawn was no longer an option. Thrown off at first, it turns out they change the drinks based on what produce is fresh and in stock! This time, I chose a vegetable heavy “Dr. Leo’s Summer” made with kale, zucchini, ginger, cucumber, and apple.

Obviously, I will go back to Rainbow Co-Op again and again for their juice, but pair that with a friendly, extremely helpful, and knowledgable staff, a vegetarian lunch café, and a bulk section that goes on for days, it is more than the juice that will keep me coming back.

>> Rainbow Co-Op has a Champion brand juicer, and they will gladly juice a recommended recipe or your picks from their produce aisle into a juice for only $1 more than the cost of the produce itself.