Wonderbird Spirits has created a distinctly smooth gin that stands on its own when sipped neat and serves as the perfect backdrop for truly remarkable cocktails. Their flagship product, Gin No. 61, is now available.

The first distillery in Northern Mississippi, Wonderbird Spirits Gin is 100% grain-to-glass Mississippi made.

Wonderbird Spirits Is owned & operated by Rob Forster, Thomas Alexander, and Chand Harlow. To learn more, email (info@eatcities.com), reach us by phone (601-852-3463), or visit Wonderbird Spirits’ website now.​


  • Wonderbird Spirits Gin No. 61

Northern Mississippi’s first distillery, Wonderbird Spirits Gin is a true embodiment of Mississippi’s best ingredients and culinary craft. 

Mississippi Delta jasmine rice provides the base for their flagship spirit, Gin No. 61, made by combining old-world excellence with modern creativity and vision through an approach that borrows from traditional sake making. 

For those familiar to northern Mississippi, Wonderbird Spirits offers tours, tastings, and private event spaces at their truly beautiful Distillery just outside of Oxford MS.

Each of Wonderbird Spirits’ ten botanicals is distilled individually and then blended using their Recipe No. 61 to yield a complex, elegant gin that is smooth enough to sip neat and nuanced enough to work in a variety of classic gin cocktails.

Launched in the Spring of 2019, Wonderbird Spirits Gin No. 61 is already creating a regional following and elevating cocktail programs at bars, restaurants, and events across the South. Given the growing popularity of gin across the U.S., this gin has much to offer consumers thirsty for a distinct, subtly complex gin that stands far apart from overly essenced competitors.

Wonderbird Spirits Gin No. 61 is now available in Mississippi and Alabama with additional states coming soon.

To support this maker as well as the family farms that supply their rice, botanicals and other ingredients while sharing a truly extraordinary gin with your customers, please Inbox us here for a personal referral or visit their website or social media to inquire directly.