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White Oak Pastures is a six generation, 152-year-old family farm in Bluffton, Georgia. We take pride in farming practices that focus on regenerative land management, humane animal husbandry, and revitalizing our rural community. We know radically traditional farming creates products that are better for our land, our livestock and our village. We are fiercely proud of our zero-waste production system that utilizes each part of the animals we pasture-raise and hand-butcher on our farm.

Want to learn more about White Oak Pastures pastured pork and poultry products? To learn more, email (info@eatcities.com), reach us by phone (601-852-3463), or visit White Oak Pastures’ website now.​

Pastured Pork

Hogs were traditionally raised in the woods, as they are the ultimate forest creature. White Oak Pastures pastured hogs breed, gestate, farrow, and live under the farm’s shade trees. They never receive antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or steroids. They eat what they find as they forage, plus peanuts and cracked eggs from their pasture-raised hens. They are supplemented with Non-GMO feed. White Oak Pastures’ hogs are Certified Non-GMO, rated a Step 4 in the Global Animal Partnership and are Certified Humane. They raise heritage breeds: Tamworth, Berkshire, and Gloucester Old Spots that produce a premium culinary experience.

Pastured Poultry (turkey, chicken, duck, goose, guinea)

Turkeys and chickens were born to scratch and peck, and that’s exactly what they do at White Oak Pastures. Their pasture-raised poultry is the final step in the multi-species, holistic grazing program on the farm. All White Oak Pastures poultry freely roam the pastures, foraging for bugs and grubs in the soil. They are also offered a non-GMO supplement, which contains grains like corn, soy, barley and wheat. They never receive antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or steroids. All of their poultry is processed in their on-farm zero-waste processing abattoir.

Turkeys are Certified Non-GMO, rated a Step 4 in the Global Animal Partnership and Certified Humane. Chickens are Certified Non-GMO, Rated a Step 5+ in the Global Animal Partnership and Certified Humane. Ducks and guineas are also Certified Non-GMO.

Other Products

In addition to these, White Oak Pastures also offers the following to new restaurant customers based on availability:

  • Grassfed Beef
  • Grassfed Goat
  • Grassfed Lamb
  • Pastured Rabbit
  • Artisan Goods like sausage, broths, rubs, tallow and preserved jarred goods.

More information available upon request. Simply click on the INQUIRE NOW button above.

White Oak Pastures is Radically Traditional Farming. Every day, we butcher meat from animals raised in a regenerative manner using humane animal management practices. This is no easy task, but it is our passion. To operate our vertically integrated, zero-waste model, it takes 155+ caring people working together to accomplish a common goal: taking care of our land and our livestock.

White Oak Pastures is a Zero-Waste farm. We sell the meats and poultry we butcher on our farm to passionate consumers who care about the animals, land and the community. The hides from the cattle we slaughter are dried for pet chew rawhides or tanned and crafted into leather goods. The fat from our cattle is rendered down to create some of the most clean and pure tallow products available. The inedible viscera is composted to later be spread on our farm as rich organic matter to fertilize our soil.

White Oak Pastures is one of only a few Savory Hubs. The Savory Institute has begun establishing strategically placed hubs around the world in order to amplify their efforts to restore the grasslands. These hubs help empower people everywhere to heal the land using properly managed livestock.

White Oak Pastures is rebuilding the Bluffton Community. Rural communities like our village of Bluffton, Georgia had been the backbone of our culture. But, for the last two generations, they have been sinking into oblivion. This is because they were made irrelevant by the industrialized, centralized and commoditized farming system. In the last ten years, the impact of our farm on this small town of 100 people has been dramatic. We now employ 155+ good people who are eating, shopping and living in Bluffton.

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