Simmons Farm-Raised Catfish is the best catfish in the world and is available in a wide range of products to perfectly suit your needs.

Simmons Farm-Raised Catfish is owned & operated by the Simmons family. To learn more, email (, reach us by phone (601-852-3463), or visit Simmon’s Farm-Raised Catfish’s website now.​​

  • Whole Catfish
    Without head or skin, eviscerated with bone-in.

    • 2-5 oz. whole
    • 5-7 oz. whole (scored available)
    • 7-9 oz. whole (scored available)
    • 9-11 oz. whole
    • 11-13 oz. whole – IP only
    • 13-15 oz. whole – IP only
    • 15-17 oz. whole – IP only
    • 24-32 oz. whole – IP only
    • 32-40 oz. whole – IP only
    • 40-up oz. whole – IP only
  • Fillets
    Boneless, skinless portions with nugget removed.

    • 2-3 oz. fillet
    • 3-5 oz. fillet
    • 5-7 oz. fillet
    • 7-9 oz. fillet
    • 9-12 oz fillet
    • 12-16 oz. fillet
  • Delacata Catfish
    Skinless, boneless cut selected from the finest fish which are hand-filleted and deep-skinned.

    • 5 oz portions
  • Fillet Cuts
    Portions cut from the shank fillet. Strips, splits, bites.

    • 1-1.5 oz strips/fingers
    • 2-3 oz. splits
    • 3-5 oz. splits
    • 5-7 oz. splits
    • Fillet Bites ( .5 oz – 1 oz.)
    • Fillet Portions (1.5 oz – 3 oz.)
  • Nuggets
    Portions cut from the shank fillet.

    • 1-3 oz. nuggets
  • Catfish Steak
    Steaks are cross section cuts from large whole fish with bone-in.
  • Breaded Products
    Lightly breaded with Simmons Breading (IQF only).

    • Breaded Fillet
    • Breaded Fillet Strip
    • Breaded Nugget
    • Breaded Whole
  • Marinated Fillets
    Marinated with our special Cajun or Lemon-Pepper Seasonings.

    • Fillets
    • Strips
  • Hushpuppies
    A “southern recipe” ready for the fryer. (IQF only)

    • Plain Hushpuppies
    • Jalapeno Hushpuppies
  • Breading
    Our own in house recipe with the perfect seasoning for the perfect fried fish.

    • 2 lb. bag
    • 5 lb. bag

Simmons’ absolute quality standards mean that fish from every pond are flavor tested once a day for three days before harvest. Then with a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, skilled artistry and meticulous attention to detail, Simmons’ swift, sterile processing takes that quality to the next level, ensuring that each and every Simmons product—fillet or whole, ice-packed or IQF—is the very finest on the market, without exception. Find out more at

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