Year-round growers of over 200 fruit and vegetables, Hornsby Farms provides restaurants near and far with a variety of sweet jams, pepper jellies and pickled vegetables crafted in their certified commercial canning kitchen located on their farm.

Hornsby Farms, LLC is owned & operated by Beth & Josh Hornsby. To learn more, email (info@eatcities.com), reach us by phone (601-852-3463), or visit Hornsby Farms’ website now.

You’ll find Hornsby Farms on the menu and shelves at fine restaurants like Acre, The Hound, Amsterdam Cafe, The Depot, Cahawba House, Springhouse and more.

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Beth & Josh Hornsby operate a year-round produce operation near Auburn, Alabama where they grow over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables each year. Their fresh produce is delivered in the Auburn and Opelika areas weekly, but the rest of their harvest is preserved at its peak in their on-farm certified commercial canning kitchen before being shipped off to chefs and consumers across the country.

In their own words:

“Being able to preserve the harvest through canning is a way for us to extend our seasons and inspire lovers of all things fresh, local and handmade. … Being able to reach for a  jar of tomatoes in the dead of winter and hear the pop as the lid releases is so wonderful. Being able to open a jar and smell summer is even better. Scents are the key to our memories and a way for our brain to take us back to warmer days, the scent of a harvested tomato canned at the peak of freshness does exactly that…” — Beth Hornsby

Hornsby Farms created “Nourish, AL” to address food insecurity in their region, East Alabama. In their community alone, one in four children go home to empty pantries and don’t know where they’ll get their their next meal. As parents to young children themselves, the Hornsby’s know first hand how critical nutritious food are to childhood development. The goal of Nourish, AL is to help these families bridge the gap during tough times and give them healthy local fruits and vegetables. Each week Hornsby Farms delivers produce baskets to the families in need. They raise awareness for this need thru various fundraising dinners throughout each year.