Ganas Pecan Farms

Waycross, GA

Pecans, Satsuma citrus, and various produce items

Ganas Pecan Farms

Ganas Pecan Farms is a growing and diversifying multi-generational family farm since 1936 that is working to grow and sell the freshest and highest quality products which include pecans, citrus and produce. They work hard to build relationships with their community and customers both locally and nationally, understanding that they are the reason for what they do.

Garrett Ganas owns and operates Ganas Pecan Farms. As a passionate advocate for both the Georgia pecan and citrus industries, he is a valuable resource to understanding these industries and how these products make it to our tables as well as being an outstanding direct source for premium pecan, citrus and other seasonal produce. We’d be happy to introduce you directly; simply inquire using the chat window on this page.

Ganas Pecan Farms is owned & operated by Nydia and Garrett Ganas. To learn more, email (, reach us by phone (601-852-3463), or visit Ganas Pecan Farms’ website now.

      • Pecan Products
        • Inshell Pecans
        • Pecan Halves
        • Pecan Pieces
        • Pecan Meal
        • Pecan Milk 
        • Pecan Dark Chocolate 
        • Pecan Praline
        • Glazed Pecans
        • Honey Cinnamon Pecans
        • Roasted and Salted Pecans
      • Satsuma Citrus when in season Oct-Jan
        • Fresh Satsumas
      • Produce when in season May-August
        • Sweet corn
        • Peas 
        • Beans
        • Watermelons

In addition to their wholesale pecan, satsuma and producer operations, their sister company, Ganas Pecan Company serves as a popular retail outlet for our products at their physical location near Waycross, Georgia as well as a thriving online direct to consumer business. 

Georgia Pecans and Georgia Satsumas are widely recognized as premium products on the world culinary stage, and Ganas Pecan Farms provides direct to chef access to these products.