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Crop to Pop – Six Mile Farms

It’s time to add fun and whimsey to your menu! Crop to Pop popping corn is grown by John Mark Looney on his family’s farm in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Once exclusively a commodity farmer, Looney’s now a serious popcorn connoisseur: growing, harvesting, cleaning & packaging his top notch kernels in the historic farm store turned popcorn kitchen before it journeys to retail stores and restaurant menus. It’s simply the best popcorn we’ve ever had!

Crop to Pop – Six Mile Farms, LLC is owned & operated by John Mark Looney. To learn more, email (, reach us by phone (601-852-3463), or visit Crop to Pop’s website now.

  • 2 lb bag of Crop to Pop popcorn available for wholesale or foodservice purchase only

Stovetop popcorn is just like that strange satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap… except that you get to eat it, and it’s delicious. It really doesn’t get much better. Crop to Pop popcorn is a yellow butterfly popcorn, similar to that found in movie theaters.

Oh wait! In fact, it does get better! Crop to Pop popping corn is grown in Tribbett, Mississippi. You can trace the journey of this fine product from the field directly to your stove.

Six Mile Farms is a small family farm in Mississippi that produces popcorn and Heirloom corn for wholesale and foodservice. Our workforce includes a father, son and two employees.

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