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Your Guide to the Best King Cakes in Jackson

Your Guide to the Best King Cakes in Jackson

Tis the season for King Cakes here in the Deep South! You’ve probably noticed the green, gold, and purple decorations all around Jackson, and maybe you’ve even indulged in our favorite Mardi Gras treat – the king cake. You better get your fix before they’re gone. When the clock strikes midnight on Fat Tuesday, king cakes in all of their variations will disappear until next year.

The king cake tradition dates back nearly 300 years. It’s name is derived from the three wise men who visited Jesus, and the traditions and legends behind king cakes are as numerous as the revelers that enjoy them. Modern traditional makes king cakes with a flaky brioche dough and a cream cheese filling. However, the variations seem to be unlimited – ranging from sweet to savory – and grow more creative as each year passes.

But enough talk. Let’s get straight to the point.

Where can you find the best king cakes in Jackson?

We realize each person’s preference is as different as the available flavor combinations. However, the end of carnival season is still weeks away. You’ve got plenty of time to try them all!

Gallette des Rios from La Brioche Patisserie in Jackson, MS

Gallette des Rios from La Brioche Patisserie

La Brioche Pâtisserie

King cakes aren’t just a New Orleans thing. It’s a tradition that’s held across the globe. La Brioche is baking up a traditional French dessert known as Gallette des Rois. It’s layers of puffed pastry are filled with almond cream. It’s probably one of the most elegant “king cakes” we’ve seen.

Campbell’s Bakery

Jackson’s oldest bakery is offering several flavors of freshly baked king cakes: traditional cinnamon sugar, cream cheese, cream cheese and fruit, or pecan praline. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend calling ahead to reserve yours. Campbell’s Bakery will also ship your king cake! Don’t forget – Eat Jackson’s Fork and Knife League members get 10% off any order up to $100.

Broad Street Bakery and Cafe

Broad Street has three flavors of homemade King Cakes available: almond cream cheese, traditional cinnamon, and savory crawfish. However, follow their Facebook page closely, as they frequently run daily specials with unique twists. If you want to get your king cake fix, but don’t want to buy a whole cake, stop by on Tuesdays and get their almond cream cheese cake by the slice. Present your Eat Jackson Fork and Knife League VIP Card to get two slices for the price of one! Talk about a win-win.

Strawberry Cafe

While not technically a bakery, Strawberry Cafe is baking up several sweet and savory king cake options this year, available both by the slice and as whole cakes. Stop in for lunch and try a slice of savory crawfish king cake for lunch or order a slice of their sweet variations like cream cheese with berries or cinnamon and pecan.

Have Your Cake . . . and Drink It Too

King Cake Shake from Brent's Drugs in Jackson, MS

King Cake Shake from Brent’s Drugs

For you diehard king cake fans, you can now have your king cake in beverage form. Broad Street has King Cake Lattes available for a limited time. One of our team gave it a try and uttered that it was nothing short of uh-mazing (and she’s from Louisiana!).

Brent’s Drugs is wowing their customers this month with their featured shake of the month, the King Cake Shake. So far, customers are giving it rave reviews.

The Icy Truth

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve spotted the creme de la creme of King Cake feats at Deep South Pops: the King Cake pop. It’s a blueberry filled King Cake flavored double popsicle available in very limited quantities. This gem is repeat offender in the sold out column, so run don’t walk when Deep South Pops posts availability on their Facebook feed.

>> Which King Cake is your favorite? If we overlooked your favorite somehow, drop us a note on our contact page to let us know! Laissez les bons temps rouler!