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Have You Been Fed at This Table?

Have You Been Fed at This Table?

Looking for a lunch or breakfast getaway near downtown Jackson? We’ve found a restaurant table that you don’t want to miss inside the Mississippi Farmers Market.

The Farmer’s Table at the Mississippi Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Table is a little gem of a restaurant located inside the Mississippi Farmers Market on High Street in downtown Jackson. (Don’t confuse it with Farmer’s Table Cooking School located at Livingston. The two are not affiliated.).

“Farm-to-table” has become a catchphrase in recent years, thanks to many chefs and restaurateurs who recognized that locally grown meat and vegetables give a restaurant its own regional authenticity. But I’ve rarely run into a more honest intent of that sentiment than at The Farmer’s Table restaurant.

Working with Local Farmers

You see, when you’re a restaurant, sourcing local vegetables, beef, chicken, eggs, etc – it’s easier said than done. It means multiple small deliveries and different delivery days for each vendor. Sometimes small farmers don’t have exactly what you want, so your menu has to stay flexible enough to prepare what the good Lord ripened that day.

To our benefit, the Farmer’s Table works with the farmers that sell inside the market building that they share to find products like organic cage-free chicken, cage-free eggs and local free range beef from Remington-Lott Farms. They also source vegetables from local farms like Cooper Farms, Salad Days, and Two Dog Farms.

In short, it is a labor of love to operate with the principles that Danielle Beard and Kathryn Meloan Barrett do here and with their catering company, Uncorked Catering.


A sample chalkboard menu at The Farmer’s Table at the Mississippi Farmers Market in Jackson, MS.

The Menu

Upon arrival, you’ll notice that their simple menu is written on chalk boards. It changes daily, although a number of staples are usually there.

Truthfully, the menu is exactly what you would hope for at a farmers market. They serve the food that those of us who were lucky enough to have had country grandmothers who could cook would have eaten.

The blue plates are full of flavor and nostalgia, with all the vegetables prepared as vegetarian dishes – and most as vegan.

Freshness is the key here. When I was there they were cutting up fresh squash and zucchini and cutting corn straight from the cob for the day’s lunch service. When fresh ingredients abound, like they do here, almost everything on the menu is prepared daily. A burger or patty melt from local beef is just better. I’m not sure exactly why. It’s science.

Breakfast at The Farmer’s Table

Breakfast here is also a treat. I had a Breakfast Burrito that was one of the best breakfast items I’ve ever had. It came stuffed with sausage, bacon, cream cheese, eggs, salsa, fresh avocado, and hash browns. Everything is cooked and wrapped to order, so the flavors and temperatures are perfect.

If you’re in the mood for a more traditional breakfast, the Farmer’s Breakfast of eggs, grits and bacon with toast is classic and delicious.

Stop by for a Meal – and Cooking Advice for Your Market Finds

I highly recommend stopping by The Farmer’s Table for breakfast or lunch. Then, step out into the market to see what our local farmers are growing. It’s one of the best parts of living in Mississippi.

And, yes, I’m sure if you want some advice on how to prepare your market purchases, the girls at The Farmer’s Table will be happy to lend some advice.

The Farmer’s Table is open for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday through Saturday. Check the Mississippi Farmers Market on Facebook for seasonal hours.