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EatJXN Eats at Table 100


One of the coolest things about working for Eat Jackson is the access we have to the best chefs in the Jackson area. You see, when you get to know a chef, they will sometimes just send food out to the table without you even asking for it. It may be a special that they are particularly proud of or just a little bite of something that they have been working on for a future special or menu item. Sometimes we even get sneak peaks and samplings of new menu items. P.S. If you want in on this action, let’s have lunch together – it’s not creepy. Just inbox us and let’s talk about it.


Chef Mike Roemhild of Table 100 in Flowood recently took us on a tour of some the new menu items from his most recent menu change when we were in for a meeting recently. Chef Mike is one of the most talented and knowledgeable chefs I’ve had the pleasure of spending any time with. He has literally travelled the world cooking and learning about different cuisines. He is a true culinary treasure, and we are lucky to have him in central Mississippi.


Because it was a team meeting, we had reserved one of Table 100’s spacious private dining rooms. After we placed our drink orders, the food started flying. Not really – but the new appetizers came out first: the Red Bean Hummus is a perfect appetizer to share. It’s finished with a jalapeño oil that adds a very interesting spicy note that really makes this option very unique. My favorite new dish might be what came next: the Tuna Poke. The dish is super simple utilizing only the freshest, high quality ingredients and letting the flavors stand for themselves, plus it’s just a beautiful dish. Chef Mike said he knew he had done well because a lot of regulars have complained in the past when he changed the tuna dish, but he hadn’t heard any of that this time around! Get in there and try this one… stat.

Next up was the meat of the menu. Braised Pork Cheeks, which were incredibly tender and flavorful have become the new Thursday lunch special. We were blown away by this dish and think you will be, too. The Smoked Aspen Ridge Beef Brisket was incredibly tender and delicious. With briskets, you really have to take your time, and it’s clear that someone knows what they are doing with a brisket at Table 100. Then came the coup de grâce, the Ham Hock. I love it when chefs use different cuts of meat in unexpected ways. I have never seen a ham hock on a menu, and now I’m not sure why not. It was cured, then smoked, then braised all in house (come to think of it, maybe that’s why I haven’t seen it anywhere else). It is tender and delicious, with layers of flavors. It is really one of the most interesting entrées I’ve seen. And it’s gorgeous. It is regal, and manly, and awesome. Can you tell I liked it?


As I’ve said before, I really love it when restaurants have menu updates. The staff loves it, and when your server is excited about the food they are bringing out it makes the whole meal more enjoyable. Stop by and check out Chef Mike’s newest takes on Southern fusion at Table 100 soon.

>> Table 100 is located at 100 Ridge Way in Flowood. You can reach them by phone at 601.420.4202 or on the web at