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Eat Jackson’s 52 Favorite Restaurants in Jackson for 2017


We get asked all the time, “What are your favorite restaurants in Jackson?” Our answer is always the same: “We love them all, each in different ways.”

Favorite Restaurants in Jackson, MS area

But let’s be honest: we don’t love them ALL.

But we love many of them – the dives, the soul food joints, the steakhouses, the burgers, pizza, tacos and more… We love the bakeries and coffee shops that pour so much heart into each small transaction. We love the heart and inspiration that we find in our local restaurants – something that’s been less obvious when we’ve traveled to many other places.

Many of our restaurants in Jackson – and the people who run them – are simply cooking inspired food. Whether by a legacy from another faraway place or the soul of Jackson itself, our top picks are places that cook from the heart – and produce a flavor that in many cases, is winning national awards.

Eat Jackson’s Official List of 52 Favorite Restaurants in Jackson for 2017

This year, we’ve answered the question and made a list of our favorite restaurants in Jackson for 2017. Our entire team got together and made a list of our favorite places. There were over 100 on the list. So, we narrowed it down to give you a new place to explore for every week of the year – not an easy task! Without further ado, here’s Eat Jackson’s official list of 52 favorite restaurants in Jackson (and surrounding areas) for 2017.

    1. 1908 Provisions
    2. Salmon at BRAVO!

    3. 303 Jefferson
    4. Babalu Tacos & Tapas
    5. Beatty St. Grocery
    6. BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar
    7. Brent’s and The Apothecary
    8. Broad Street Bakery & Cafe
    9. Bully’s Restaurant
    10. Burgers & Blues
    11. Caet
    12. Campbell’s Bakery
    13. Capitol Grill
    14. Cock of the Walk
    15. Cool Al’s
    16. County Seat
    17. Crazy Cat Eat-Up
    18. Cups
    19. Deep South Pops
    20. Ely’s Restaurant & Bar
    21. Lamb Chops at Johnny T’s

    22. Fannin Mart Restaurant
    23. Flora Butcher
    24. Hal & Mal’s
    25. Heart & Soul Diner
    26. Iron Horse Grill
    27. Johnny T’s Bistro & Bar
    28. Keifer’s Restaurant
    29. La Brioche Patisserie
    30. Local 463
    31. Logan Farms
    32. Lou’s Full-Serv
    33. M7 Coffee House
    34. Mayflower Cafe
    35. Nandy’s Candy
    36. Old Capitol Inn
    37. Ole Tavern on George St
    38. Parlor Market
    39. Primos Cafe
    40. Turbodog Stout Chocolate Cake with MS Cold Drip Coffee Ice Cream at Seafood R’evolution

    41. Rooster’s
    42. Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint
    43. Sal & Phil’s
    44. Seafood R’evolution
    45. Shapley’s Restaurant
    46. Signa’s Grill
    47. Table 100
    48. The Big Apple Inn
    49. The Blue Rooster
    50. The Gathering at Livingston Mercantile
    51. The Manship
    52. The Palette Cafe at the Mississippi Museum of Art
    53. The Pig & Pint
    54. Two Sisters Kitchen
    55. Walker’s Drive-In

    And with that list complete, our eating begins for another year’s list… We’ll be reviewing many of these places anew – and be on the search for new finds, new opens, new discoveries throughout this year in hopes of seeing this list change and evolve in 2018. The food scene in the Jackson, MS metro is white hot right now – and we can’t wait to see what this year holds for it. Stay tuned – you’ll be the first to know what we discover as we Eat Jackson together this year.

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