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Donuts, Kolaches & Breakfast Burritos – All In One Place!


Do-NutShopCafe-OutsideI can’t tell you how many times I have passed by The Do-Nut Shop Cafe in Richland while making my way up and down Highway 49. From the outside, it looks like your typical mom and pop joint. But once you step inside you soon realize it’s anything but typical.

A couple weekends ago, my husband and I found ourselves child-free. We don’t often get a chance to go on date nights, so we decided to go for a breakfast date. He’s a bacon and eggs type of breakfast guy, so when I suggested a donut place, he wasn’t too keen. That is until I promised him that the Do-Nut Shop also serves a full breakfast. It didn’t take too much convincing after that.

The inside of the Do-Nut shop reminded me a lot of Mel’s Diner from the TV show Alice. You don’t find places like this much anymore and I loved it! There was a lunch counter along the front counter and a few booths and tables set up around the rest of the dining room. I could see they had a pretty extensive selection of doughnuts, with flavors ranging from an assortment of glazed and cake, to apple fritters and éclairs. They also had a selection of kolaches, a delicious doughy Czech pastry, usually filled with a sweet filling. These kolache treats were filled with a wide variety of savory fillings like boudin, sausage and cheese, and ham.

We were most interested in their “full breakfast menu,” which is posted in full view behind the front counter. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting such an extensive menu. In addition to your standard bacon and eggs, they offer four different types of omelets and several flavors of breakfast burritos. I was in the mood for eggs and biscuits, so I ordered the full breakfast with hash browns, bacon, and a biscuit. My husband chose steak and eggs, also with hash browns, biscuit, and an extra side of bacon. Add two cups of coffee and a couple glasses of orange juice and we were ready to dig in.

I went for the biscuit first. Pretty much, if the biscuit is no good then the whole breakfast is ruined for me. Luckily, the biscuit was tender, flaky, and warm. I could have eaten an entire plate of those guys. My eggs were cooked just the way I asked, the bacon was hot and crispy, and the hash browns were lightly fried and golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The husband commented that his steak was cooked just the way he ordered it and was delicious.

From where we sat, we had a pretty good view of some of the other orders coming out of the kitchen. Once a waitress brought out a plate full of biscuits covered in red gravy for the patrons at the next table. Instantly, my husband stopped eating and said, “Whoa, I wonder what that is?”

“Looks like biscuits with tomato gravy.”

“Really? I wish I had seen that on the menu. That looks so good.”

Later, as we were finishing up our meal I glanced back over the menu again and also saw something I wish I had noticed earlier.

“Oh my gosh,” I said. “Chorizo, eggs, and cheese breakfast burrito.”

“That’s on the menu too?!”

“Yes, and you can get it fried!”  Come on, why would you want your breakfast burrito served any other way?

“We have got to come back here.”

Do-NutShopCafe-signSo it’s settled. That little unassuming donut shop on Highway 49 that I have passed a million times and never stopped in has turned out to be our new favorite breakfast spot.

Food: It hit the spot. I can’t wait to go back and try the breakfast burritos or the Boudin Kolache. In addition to breakfast, they also serve hot plate lunches beginning at eleven in the morning.

Service: Our waitress was very nice and attentive. She checked back often to make sure our coffee cups were always full.

Atmosphere: This place has probably served several generations of hungry people. In a day and age where modern chains are taking over everything, I found it very comforting. There were a lot of people coming and going for pick up orders and just about everyone stopped to talk to somebody they knew. This tells me a lot of local regulars eat here quite often.

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The Do-Nut Shop Cafe
718 Hwy. 49 South
Richland, MS 39218
(601) 936-2037