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Broad Street Baking Company Hits the Spot


Lunch. It’s an often rushed event, with meetings deadlines and lots of things happening at once. Today was a busy one. But not too busy to get some good food.

Amberjack Lunch Special from Broad Street Cafe in Jackson, MS

This was a VERY SPECIAL, SPECIAL to me.

I rushed in to Broad Street Baking Company with my lunch companion, and on the way in saw the special of the day coming out to a customer. I took one look at the dish and knew what I was going to order.  I’ve tried many things on the BSBC menu, so a change was welcome. This was really, really good.

The plated dish came out with a lovely lemon slice on the top, but the side of roasted potatoes and green beans with a corn salad mix was absolutely divine. I loved the flavor on the fish. It was served blackened and dang, it was finger lickin’ good. I got my friendly server to bring my a slice of bread so I could make sure the entire plate was cleaned.

Service was good at the counter, not the fastest to my table that I’ve ever had there. I think it might have had to do with the fact that the place was packed at lunch. I was there around 12:30 PM, and got the last open table in the middle dining room.

Broad Street has a new Chef, and is revising their menu that they’ve had since they opened. If today was any indication, they are on the right track!