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Breakfast on the Run


Patty Peck Take-Out of the WeekThe Patty Peck Take-Out of the Week this week is a little different, because its breakfast! A tasty muffin, a hot cup of coffee, and the cheerful staff at Jackson’s Broad Street Bakery got this particular day off to a great start! When I got up to the display of mouth-watering baked goods at Broad Street, I didn’t see any Morning Glory muffins, which is my favorite kind there. (I did, however, see some really good looking cupcakes and brownies that I was tempted to get for later on…)  The girl taking my order said they had just run out…. What a damper. Or so I thought…

Breakfast to go

Deliciousness To Go!

This little variation in my muffin-ordering routine introduced me to a muffin I might like even better than Morning Glory! Had the MG’s not been out, I might have never tried this kind. Crazy how things work out, ain’t it.  I got the cappuccino chocolate chip muffin, and it was GOOD. It has a hint of coffee flavor and the little mini chocolate chips scattered all in it. Coffee and chocolate are two of the most excellent things on this earth, I think. So why have I never tried this muffin before?! I guess my one track mind always zeroed in on what I’m used to… To go along beautifully with this freshly baked treat was a cup of fresh, hot coffee.  The best part was that this stuff was easy to enjoy on the fly. I did not have time to sit down and order in, so this take-out breakfast was exactly what I needed.  Cheers to Broad Street for a job well done!

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Broad Street Bakery and Cafe
4465 I 55 N Ste 101
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 362-2900
Price: $