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A Great Way to Spring Forward – BRAVO!


Today I had the benefit of the extra hour stolen from me. But it also meant that I was up earlier, and that I could skip breakfast and do a brunch. We went to my favorite brunch spot ever, BRAVO! over in Highland Village. There were some guests hassling the crew about “their reservations” (which BRAVO! doesn’t take),  so we opted to just ease over to the bar, to catch a little Mississippi State Basketball. It was a good meal. Wife got the Crab Covered Omelet,  I had the breakfast pizza.  I know, “Breakfast Pizza”  sounds like the cold yucky stuff you grab out of the fridge on a Sunday morning after a big Saturday night.  This pizza was fresh and hot right out of the brick oven at BRAVO!   I was a huge fan of the crust, and the bacon, eggs and sausage on there was just right to fill me up. For $13 dollars it was a steal. Could easily have been split if you wanted to go that route. Not sure what the wife’s meal cost. But I didn’t have to take out a second loan at the bank, which is always a good thing.

Possibly the highlight of the brunch was Matt, our bartender / waiter. He kept us entertained with his wit, and bartender skills. He was quick with a pour, and a laugh, and he didn’t give me any flack about wanting to watch MSU play basketball. It has made me lose my appetite before, but we left at half-time while State was still ahead.

The brunch crowd at BRAVO! is a bit of a who’s who crowd sometimes. I strongly suggest you shower, and maybe tuck in a clean shirt if you plan to walk in there.

(601) 982-8111

4500 I 55 N Ste 244
Jackson, MS 39211

Bravo Italian Restaurant & Bar