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7 Local Spots (serving 100s of Ways) to Cool Down This Summer


If you’ve been in Mississippi all your life, this story needs no introduction.

If you’re visiting Mississippi – maybe for the first time – in the heat of summer, you’ve already been introduced to our variety of warm weather: muggy and hot. But really, that’s okay, because it’s our weather that inspired a vast array of tasty cool-down options on to local menus. Such an array that you might even (dare I say?) look forward to a good hot day when everything slows down so much that your most important task, ahem, your obligation, for the day is to stay hydrated by one of these treats. Take heart, it’s not like this year-round, just for a few weeks in mid-summer, so get out there today and cool down by enjoying any of these cold drinks and treats masterfully served up by our local restaurant scene – before they’re gone.

1. Deep South Pops

Deep South Pops provides cool-down delights for the whole family. We’ve talked about the Deep South Pops fresh fruit flavors, cream pops, coffee and craft beer before, but we’re swooning right now over their newest flavors, Cherry Sour Cream and Cherry Limeade. Yes, please!


2. Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee

We just can’t get enough of Raymond Horn’s Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee – year-round, really. But especially in the summer heat, we can’t think of a better way to cool down and get a caffeine fix than his brilliantly brewed coffee; and yes, we always pick the Ray au Lait! Whether you grab your Mississippi Cold Drip coffee from a local grocery store or you catch up with Ray at the Livingston Farmer’s Market to have him mix a concoction perfect for you, you won’t be disappointed in the cooldown effect from one of Mississippi’s hottest gourmet businesses.


3. Cups

Mr. Eat and I are in a rut when it comes to cold drinks at Cups. And we think that’s A-OK. For him, it’s the Blueberry Iced Tea. Fresh brewed, full of antioxidants and perfectly refreshing in the worst of heat and perfect with no sugar added, this is his go-to afternoon cool-down at Jackson’s most popular coffee shop. For me, it’s the Iced Blondie Latte. This blonde moment is this brunette’s chance to see if blondes really do have more fun. This drink picks me up when the summer heat is getting me down.


4. Brent’s Drugs

Let me count the ways I love Brent’s Drugs…. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Peanut Butter. Bananatella, Dreamcicle, and Gingerfinger. We’ve recounted our love of the Nutella Milkshake before.

Ginger Finger Shake at Brent's Drugs

But, oh boy, do I love the PB&J milkshake. For lunch.

True confessions from Eat Jackson: When it’s hot outside, do summer right and go straight for COLD with a PB&J Milkshake from Brent’s. In fact, if you really want to throw your kids for a loop, promise them another day of PB&J’s for lunch after your morning errands, then pop them into Brent’s and let them eat a PB&J Milkshake for lunch. Affordable and memorable.

5. Nandy’s Candy Snoballs

There’s not much more to say than has already been said. Summer in Jackson, Mississippi simply isn’t complete without an old-fashioned snoball from Nandy’s Candy. Whether you’re two or 92, the snoball window at this Jackson fixture will make you smile – and cool you down.


6. La Brioche Patisserie

La Brioche Patisserie – or that little piece of Europe tucked away in Fondren, as we like to call it – is a more recent arrival on the Jackson food scene. If you still haven’t popped in for lunch or coffee to drool over their stunning display cases of edible art and perfectly prepared fresh sandwiches, you haven’t yet lived your fullest life in this city.

But did you know that La Brioche also serves a truly stunning array of homemade gelato and sorbet, perfectly displayed in their frozen case, just like something you’d find tucked into the heart of Italy. Probably because their maker learned how to do it there. In Italy.


So, c’mon, treat yourself to a European getaway this week in Fondren. Don’t forget to take home a rainbow box of macarons as a souvenir.

7. Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint

Sal & Mookie’s is fun for all ages, period. But when it comes to their HUMONGOUS menu of “mocktails” – aka. Non-alcoholic cocktail like drinks, they’ve got a corner on the market.

Drop into Sal & Mookie’s for an early, extended supper experience on an especially hot summer afternoon. It’s a brilliantly fun diversion from the heat. We recommend starting with a full discussion of the Mocktail Menu with everyone ordering something different to enjoy with some of their super stringy and refreshingly authentic Fried Mozzarella. Then dig into a New York style pizza while you design the best Wikistix art every known to man. Finish with a trip to the Scoop Shop where the friendly servers will let your family taste-test and pick the perfect scoop and toppings for their mood. Go ahead, your family will thank you.


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