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5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you know that Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY!  While Mom probably raised you not to let things go until the last minute, hey, we know – things happen. Dates sneak up on you. But fear not! There is still time to buy her that extra special gift.

(Psssst, to all the husbands out there –  if you have children that are too small to actually go out and buy their own Mother’s Day gifts, you are expected to buy your wife a present.  That is, unless you enjoy sleeping in the dog house.)

Here are 5 no-fail Mother’s Day gift ideas to choose from, depending on what your mother (or wife!) enjoys most:

1. Right now, metro-Jackson area Farmer’s Markets like the Mississippi Farmers Market are in full bloom with gorgeous flowers and potted plants.  The benefit of giving her a potted plant is that, unlike a bouquet, it hopefully won’t die in a couple days.  But if you want to take things a step further, offer to water it for her.

Treat mom to her favorite wines from Livingston Cellars – Crisp rosés, playful Sauvignon Blancs, and so much more!

2. Studies have shown that giving a mom bath products is one of the worst gifts to give for Mother’s Day, mainly because most moms are too busy to ever actually use them. Give her the night off and sweeten the deal with a bottle of wine from Livingston Cellars. Extra brownie points if you make it a bottle of champagne. If after a couple of hours she still hasn’t come out of the bathroom, don’t knock on the door to see if she’s okay. Trust us, she’s just fine.

3. Of course, there is always the never-fail “breakfast in bed” gift.  A good mom will ooh and ahh over whatever culinary delight you decide to surprise her with – but come on, she did bring you into this world, and we think she deserves more than a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  If you aren’t a great cook, pick up a hot breakfast from Primos Café or Broad Street Bakery along with mixers from Livingston Cellars for the perfect Bloody Mary or mimosa bar at home  If you want to hide the bags in the trash and take credit yourself, we won’t tell.

Pancakes Primos Jackson Mississippi

Primos Pancakes are sure to please Mom!

4. Chances are, your mom has a stack of books sitting by her bedside table that she’s been trying to get around to reading since the day you (or your children… husbands, we’re looking at you!) were born.  Why not treat her to a coffee break?  Buy her a gift card to Cups or LaBrioche and send her out to enjoy an afternoon of solitude.  After she’s gone, resist the urge to call her cell phone unless someone is bleeding.

5. Finally, a nice brunch out at a restaurant is always a good idea – so make it a special day in every way. If you’re having trouble deciding on a restaurant, check out our Mother’s Day brunch guide.

Good luck to all, and Happy Mother’s Day, moms!