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[NEW UPDATES] 18 Burgers to Try Before You Die

[NEW UPDATES] 18 Burgers to Try Before You Die

Eat Jackson has assembled eighteen of the best burgers in Jackson, Mississippi. If you’re looking for a great hamburger in Jackson, this is your list.

**UPDATED FOR 2017**

Many of these burgers are a bit off the beaten path or are on an insider’s list of great local eats. This list of the best burgers will serve you well whether you’re a local or just visiting for a day.

These burgers are listed in no particular order along with a little about why we love them so. Many of these burgers are award-winning. Some of simply legendary. Some of the stuff of legend – just waiting to happen. We’ve tried every burger on this list multiple times – and like our children, we love them all – each in different ways.

Here’s Eat Jackson’s list of 18 Burgers to Try Before You Die: 

1. Baba Burger from Babalu Tacos and Tapas

The Baba Burger from Babalu Tacos and Tapas is freakin’ outstanding! What started out as a special was so popular – particularly amongst the male constituent – that the owners’ of Babalu made the brilliant move to add it to their regular menu.

The Baba Burger from Babalu Tacos and Tapas

The Baba Burger from Babalu Tacos and Tapas

It’s survived unscathed thru a myriad of menu changes over the past half decade for good reason. The Baba Burger is available in “small” (which we would say is more than just “small”) and regular sized (aka Jumbo). The Baba Burger comes on a sweet sourdough bun and is dressed with roasted roma tomatoes, caramelized onions, avocado, smoked bacon, white cheddar, and some spicy aioli. Although Babalu is all about tacos and tapas, the Baba Burger shouldn’t be overlooked! Ooooh weee!

Mugshots Peanut Butter Burger

Anthony’s Peanut Butter Burger at Mugshots

2. Peanut Burger Burger at Mugshots

Mugshots’ menu offers up 17 twists on our beloved burger, but for my money, nothing beats Anthony’s Peanut Butter Burger. Make sure you add bacon to get the full experience. If you’re a burger lover and you haven’t had one with peanut butter, then you’re really only pretending. Reminiscent of a Thai peanut sauce, only sweeter, it blends perfectly with the savory, smoky flavors of beef and bacon.

3. Beatty Burger from Beatty Street Grocery

Beatty Burger from Beatty Street Grocery

Beatty Burger from Beatty Street Grocery

American Idol star Skylar Laine eats ‘em. In fact, her family’s been eatin ‘em since well before Skylar’s time.  The Beatty Burger from Beatty Street Grocery has been good for over 70 years now, and they’re not slowing down! These made-to-order burgers are as hearty and all-American as the family that runs the place, and the low price of the food from Beatty Street will make your wallet smile. Go ahead and eat the “Burger of the Stars” next time you’re in the area. Remember, Skylar loves her burger with a side of fries, and “LOTS and LOTS of ketchup!”

The Cheeseburger from Brent's Drugs

The Cheeseburger from Brent’s Drugs

4. Cheeseburger from Brent’s Drugs

The Cheeseburger from Brent’s Drugs: Locals have been in love with this soda fountain favorite for longer than many of us can remember. This soda fountain dates back to 1943 and has been a favorite for burgers and shakes ever since. We like the Brent’s Cheeseburger on a Kaiser roll with a side of crispy French fries. As we said way back when we originally wrote about this one, “If you don’t want to become a regular, please don’t take the kids. Mine beg to go back every time they have a chance.”

This is still true.

5. Al Stamps Classic Burger at Cool Al’s

Classic Burger at Cool Al's

Cool Al’s Classic Burger

Like mama always said, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. The Classic Burger at Cool Al’s is just that: classic. The white bun is toasted on the flat top griddle and filled with hand formed patties seasoned with lemon pepper and piled high with all the fixins’. There’s soul in this burger that’ll keep you coming back again and again to this classic dive centrally located on McWillie Drive in Jackson. It’s unassuming and plain crazy good. No further explanation needed.

6. PM Burger from Parlor Market

The PM Burger at Parlor Market

The PM Burger at Parlor Market

Here’s what you need to know about the PM Burger at Parlor Market (which, by the way, is almost always on their ever-changing menu):

  • The bun is made fresh daily so it’s a prime piece of bread.
  • The patty, cooked over pecan logs, is made from ground brisket. (My mouth is watering…)
  • The gourmet cheese on the PM Burger has, as we’ve described before, “flavor that won’t stop!”
  • This burger is a bit pricey, but we say it’s worth the splurge.
The King George Burger at Ole Tavern

The King George Burger at Ole Tavern

7.  King George Burger from Ole Tavern on George Street

All hail King George! Ole Tavern on George Street’s King George Burger is one of the most memorable burgers of my Eat Jackson life. Bacon, lots of cheese, a fried onion ring, comeback dressing, and a fried egg all add to the royal nature of this big boy. In addition to being wildly and incredibly filling, King George is overflowing with flavor, flavor, flavor! It’s probably pretty easy to see where this beautiful burger earned it’s royal title!

Georgia Blue's Rodeo Burger

Georgia Blue’s Rodeo Burger

8. Rodeo Burger from Georgia Blue

Georgia Blue in Madison has several burgers on their menu, but the one that really caught my attention on my last visit was the Rodeo Burger. “A Western classic topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, ice cream onion ring, and a honey chipotle barbecue sauce, with pickle and mayo” is the description on the menu. Ice cream onion ring?? Yeah. This onion ring is actually marinated in melted ice cream for hours before it’s fried, leaving it with a slightly sweet undertone. This wild onion ring, when added to the hand crafted Stockyard Angus beef patty, fresh sourdough buns, crispy bacon, and chipotle BBQ sauce, will move you to a big, hearty YEE HAW!

The Table 100 Burger from Table 100 (really?!)

The Table 100 Burger from Table 100 (really?!)

9. Table 100 Burger from Table 100

The Table 100 Burger is a Flowood favorite. Although this restaurant may be better known for it’s fancier fare, we highly recommend getting to know the Table 100 Burger… It’s phenomenal! Creekstone Farms beef is used to make the generously sized patty topped with the likes of house smoked tomato, white cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, and mustard aioli loaded onto a
Gil’s Bakery burger bun. The Bobkat Farm egg is optional on the menu – but not in our recommendation. It’s a must add. The chips that come alongside this burger are worth a mention, too! Don’t overlook this simple staple on your next visit to this beautiful restaurant!

A Custom Creation at Majestic Burger

A Custom Creation at Majestic Burger

10. The Hamburger at Majestic Burger

Options, options, options! The folks at Majestic burger make it easy to get just the burger you want by offering just about every burger option imaginable. We are continually impressed with the freshness of the burgers at this joint. The bread (particularly the whole wheat, believe it or not!) is always so soft and fresh, and just molds to the patty when you pick it up. Doing a Majestic Burger justice simply by using words just won’t suffice! This is a burger that must be experienced, it is that good!

The Black n Bleu (or Goat) at Sal and Mookie's

The Black n Bleu (or Goat) at Sal and Mookie’s

11. Black and Bleu Burger at Sal and Mookie’s New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint

An unlikely place to find a good burger? Yes. But we’ve learned to never underestimate this restaurant! Despite the fact that their specialties are pizza and ice cream, they’ve got several good burger options too!  One of our favorites is the Black and Bleu Burger. This bad boy comes on a baked-fresh-at-the-sister-restaurant bun (from Broad Street) and is topped with bleu cheese. When he’s in the right mood, our founder likes to substitute the bleu for a little goat. Goat cheese, that is. “The flavors mesh together and the light goat cheese taste goes a long way with the burger flavor,” he says. No matter what cheese you put on this burger, it’s so good that the cheese is a mere detail!

The Flame Thrower at The Blue Rooster

The Flame Thrower at The Blue Rooster

12. The Flame Thrower from The Blue Rooster

The Blue Rooster, located in Flora, a little off most of your beaten paths, is without a doubt worth the drive. They’ve got the option to build your own burger with multiple, multiple options. If my math is correct, just between the bread and cheese options, you’ve got 40 possible combos right there! Factor in meat and toppings and you’ve got infinite possibilities! An Eat Jackson favorite at the Blue Rooster is the Flame Thrower. The 8 ounce patty is topped with sirloin steak, sautéed onions, jalapeno peppers, ranch, and pepper jack cheese on a simply incredible Jalapeno Cheddar bun. You can’t go wrong with this flavor-packed burger!

Hamburger at Little Willie's

Hamburger at Little Willie’s

13. Hamburger from Little Willie’s

For all you BBQ lovers out there: The hamburger at Little Willie’s in Brandon (now located right by the old Rapids) is made for you! The meat on this otherwise simple burger is superstar. They take ground beef, add some BBQ seasoning to the meat, then smoke it to absolute perfection. The flavor coming from this burger is really (I mean REALLY) something. You have the option to add cheese and bacon if you wish, but we loved it just as is, with the bun and basic fixings. When you get the chance to try this burger, we recommend getting it to go. To say they have limited seating is an understatement!

The Inez Burger at CS's

The Inez Burger at CS’s

14. Inez Burger at CS’s Restaurant

Oh, the Inez… All of the burgers at CS’s Restaurant have something special about ‘em, but the most special of all the burgers is by far the Inez Burger. They take their basic hamburger on a good ol’ white bun and top it with a big ladle of homemade chili, then they top that off with some nacho cheese. If you’re looking to turn your clothes into something that looks like you were sneezed on by someone snorting spaghetti sauce, then pick this thing up with your hands and eat it. If you wish your white shirt to remain white throughout your lunch hour, we suggest attacking The Inez with a fork. Just ask the real Inez, the burger’s namesake, to bring you one. She’s still waiting tables after all these years!

15. Wine Burger at McB’s

McB's Wine Burger

The Wine Burger at McB’s in Ridgeland, MS.

With a rustic dive atmosphere located near the laid back Ross Barnett Reservoir, this is the perfect spot to find a great burger. McB’s secret is that they marinade their beef in wine before they grill the patties. You can order the Wine Burger in a number of variations. One of our favorites is the Blue Cheese Bacon Wine Burger. Wine burgers are available in small (1/4 pound) and large (1/2 pound) versions and other popular toppings include chili or sauteed mushrooms. I never order a Wine Burger without an order of McB’s amazing onion rings on the side!


The Cheeseburger at Rooster's

The Cheeseburger at Rooster’s

16. The Cheeseburger at Rooster’s

At Rooster’s in Fondren, they make a mighty fine burger. They also make a mighty fine bread (daily and in-house) that goes by the name of Cheddar Jalapeno bread. Ordering a cheeseburger on this special bread is always a good idea. Their thick and juicy beef patty is something they should be extremely proud of, and when it’s mashed between two pieces of the Cheddar Jalapeno bread and accented with cheese and some fixin’s, you’ve got a good sandwich on your hands. This dude is filling and most definitely hits the spot!

17. Mac & Cheese Burger at Capitol Grill

Capitol Grill's Mac & Cheese Burger

Mac & Cheese Burger at Capitol Grill in Jackson, MS.

The perfectly cheesy mac and cheese on the Mac & Cheese Burger at Capitol Grill in Jackson overflows from this burger like lava from a volcano – slow and easy. I’ll be honest, this burger is best eaten with a fork – so dig in! Order it fully loaded and prepare to be mesmerized by this messy, mammoth of a burger.

18. Pineapple Express Burger from Burgers and Blues

The Pineapple Express Burger from Burgers and Blues

The Pineapple Express Burger from Burgers and Blues

Named Pineapple Express only because it comes with a pineapple on it, this burger is what Burgers and Blues in Ridgeland calls one of their Famous Burgers! And we can see why. The seasoned beef patty, topped with grilled pineapple, some grilled onions, and that secret BnB sauce, will leave you wishing this thing were bigger! (And it can be made bigger by ordering the 1 lb. patty instead of the 4 oz. or 8 oz!) The secret sauce is what some folks would call “really spicy,” but it’s the secret that takes this burger to the next level! The pineapple and the secret sauce go together like that firecracker Johnny and his sweet little June! 

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