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Try the Crawfish Salad at Georgia Blue


GeorgiaBlue-CrawfishSalad2It was my first time to experience Georgia Blue, and the only advice I’d been given was:  “You have to try the Crawfish Salad.”

But after looking at the menu, stacked with mouthwatering blue plate items alongside an array of delectable burgers, I immediately thought there is no way I am picking a SALAD.

The waiter came. My indecisiveness kicked in. As per usual, I gave in to the peer pressure and just ordered the Crawfish Salad.

Let me tell you, ladies and gents — peer pressure is not always a bad thing. As soon as the salad was put in front of me, nobody at the table could stop saying how spectacular MY dish looked.  The Crawfish Salad was huge, erasing any worry that I’d be walking away hungry. The fresh spring mix was in perfect proportion to the onions, sautéed red peppers, cherry tomatoes, cheeses (Cheddar and Monterey Jack), and roasted corn. It was finished with a very generous portion of sautéed crawfish tails – you have a choice of fried or sautéed, I went with sautéed – with a side of their outstanding, fiery, I-could-drink-it Remoulade dressing.

GeorgiaBlue-CrawfishSaladEvery item in the Crawfish Salad works together so well, I found myself making sure I had every item on my fork before each bite. The mix of the Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese makes for an interesting taste not found in many salads. The roasted corn and sautéed peppers add juiciness that pairs impeccably with the spices of the crawfish and Remoulade dressing. Together, all of these ingredients form a hearty salad that no one, man or woman, would walk away from still hungry.

Allow me to be peer pressure you, now: YOU HAVE TO TRY THE CRAWFISH SALAD AT GEORGIA BLUE.

So… have you tried the Crawfish Salad? Tell us in the comments below!

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