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Five Dishes Worth Falling For This Month

The flavors of fall are abundant in our local restaurant scene. Our award-winning local chefs are signaling autumn with creative acumen – whether the menu item is a stand-by or a seasonal introduction. Here are five flavors we enjoyed recently that we can’t recommend to you highly enough. Get out there and take advantage of […]

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Meet My Go-To Meal

My goal when I go to a restaurant more than once is to try something new every time. I figure if the first meal I had was good enough to make me want to come back, then there must be other good things on the menu! That was my strategy with Chef Luis Bruno’s downtown […]

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How to Beat The Freshman “15”

Summer break has come to an end, and school is back in session! Starting college is a scary, challenging, yet extremely exciting time. But, while students ace getting adjusted to dorm life, campus parking, and socializing, the average college freshman flunks when it comes to nutrition, gaining 8 pounds in the first 12 weeks on […]

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Be as Cool as a Cucumber

Although I’m not a pickle-eater, I must admit, it took me oh… 20 years to realize that pickles were just souped up cucumbers. I’m serious (let me redeem myself partly and say this was before my vegetable gardening adventures). Since becoming a more open-minded eater relishing different dishes around town, I’ve noticed cucumbers making an appearance […]

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Fast Fuel for a Grand Slam Day

Hey batter, batter, batter, swing…. That chant takes me right back to the long, hot, and intense summer days spent on a softball field. Nearly 500 million children are playing some sort of ball this year, and when kids take the field, parents will be charged with providing quick and easy hydration and baseball snack options […]

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What’s in Season: Eggplant

Ah, the humble eggplant. Growing up, I always thought eggplants were just big ‘ole purple pears. They are shaped kinda similarly, right? Now that I’m older, and hopefully a little bit smarter, I know eggplants aren’t like pears at all. Unless you count that both are delicious and good for you. I’ve grown eggplants in […]

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Who’s Behind Jackson’s Brightest Plates?

Editor’s Note: Happy Monday, y’all! Just consider this conversation the cream and sugar that complements your morning coffee! Remember to leave a comment on this story for a chance to win a $10 gift card good at any of the eleven Cups: An Espresso Cafe locations in the Jackson metro area! Eat Jackson recently caught up with […]

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