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Hope’s Cheesecake in Gulf Shores

Editor’s Note: Our intern, LW, just got back from a beach trip filled with coastal fare fit for a king! She tells us all about her visit to Hope’s Cheesecake in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

Take a moment to close your eyes and picture this: Your toes are buried deep in the sand. Your favorite song fades in and out against the soft roar of the ocean waves crashing against the shore. You’ve got an icy drink in one hand, a paperback novel in the other, and the faint scent of sunscreen reminding you that summer has finally arrived.

 The Cheesecake Sampler

The Cheesecake Sampler

Is This Heaven?

There’s only one way this scene could get better: Cheesecake! And not just any cheesecake, but a slice from the beloved Hope’s Cheesecake based in Gulf Shores, Alabama. A coastal favorite for over 15 years, Hope’s Cheesecake provides an assortment of freshly baked goods everyday to locals and tourists alike. The family recipe was perfected by Hope’s mother while growing up in New York, and the bakery manages to blend that famous Yankee flavor with good coastal vibes and Southern hospitality to create a product sure to please all.

I’ll readily admit that I typically watch my diet in the weeks leading up to a vacation, so I can feel swimsuit-ready, and once I’m there I at least attempt to choose grilled seafood over something fried. But after being introduced to the heavenly creation that is Hope’s Cheesecake, one bite of dessert and I forgot calories ever existed! The bakery’s walls are adorned with handpainted signs of goofy adages reminding customers that “Life is uncertain… Eat dessert first!” This was a simple reminder that captures the Gulf Shores mentality – when you’re at the beach, you should relax and enjoy yourself. And for many Gulf Coast visitors, that includes helping yourself to a treat from Hope’s.

Take a sample with you!

Take a sample with you!

The Famous Cheesecake

Naturally, Hope’s Cheesecake finds their greatest fame in their trademark creation which they bake fresh daily. Each cheesecake consists of high quality ingredients such as Melipone vanilla and pure cane sugar, and are then baked for 2 ½ hours in specially designed rotary ovens. We ended up trying the Large Sampler, a 14 slice cake that has the following flavors: chocolate amaretto, Bailey’s Irish Cream & white chocolate, chocolate, Oreo cookie, strawberry, key lime, and Snickers.

Picking a favorite flavor from the sampler would be a nearly impossible task. The Oreo cookie slices tasted even better than an actual Oreo, and the strawberry slices used fruit so fresh I was wishing it would stay National Strawberry Month forever!

Not only do they have cheesecake, but pies too!

Not only do they have cheesecake, but pies too!

Keep in mind that there is minimal seating at Hope’s Cheesecake, so you’ll likely have to take your desserts to go (we carried ours to a restaurant and ate it after our meal!) Thankfully Hope selected Strawberry Cheesecake as her flavor of the month, so there are plenty of samples available to satisfy those cravings until you reach your final destination.

After hearing a few customers rave about the Key Lime pie, I also decided to try out a slice before heading out. Turns out that Hope creates all kinds of delectable treats that aren’t just limited to cheesecake! Pies, cookies, scones, and countless other tasty baked goods are available to hungry customers every day.

Hope's wants to know where you're from!

Hope's wants to know where you're from!

A Slice of HOPE Wherever You Go

Even if a relaxing trip to the Gulf Coast isn’t in your future, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Hope’s at home. You can order cheesecake anytime by visiting HopesCheesecake.com, and they’ll deliver a fresh cheesecake straight to your doorstep!

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Hope’s Cheesecake
210 E 20th Ave
Gulf Shores, AL 36542
(251) 968-5858
Price: $

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    Omg! Sold! As a cheesecake fanatic AND being on vaca at the Guld Coast I’ll definitely be dropping by this place!

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