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Fajitas and Margaritas, Sombra Style

Inside Sombra

Sombra's atmosphere is very inviting

You might remember the take-out post we did last month on Sombra Mexican Kitchen, the new upscale Mexican place at The Township in Ridgeland. At the close of that post I said, “I can’t wait to try Sombra again, dining in!”

The take out experience featured in that post was a good one, especially considering they had only been open one full day, but I wanted a true, in-house experience. When my mom sent me a text asking if I wanted to eat with her and some other folks at Sombra for supper, I jumped at the opportunity!

This return visit was only about two weeks ago, so although Sombra is probably still ironing out a few kinks, they’ve had time to get into a decent groove. I was the first of our party of five to arrive, so I went ahead and put my name on the short waiting list. “About five minutes,” the hostess told me.

The rest of our party filtered in closely behind me. We were all sitting in the waiting area catching up on one another’s days when the hostess called us to be seated. The wait was actually closer to 15 minutes, but good company made the time fly. The waiting area is nice and fairly large, and the bar is nearby, so even a long wait wouldn’t be so bad!

The Township Margarita

The Township Margarita

After we got settled in at our table, our waitress came over to make her introduction. Her name was Dominique, and I must say, she is one of the best servers I’ve had in a while! She kept a lot of waters and chip bowls full!

Chips & Drinks

Speaking of chips… We gobbled up some of Sombra’s seasoned chips, fresh chunky salsa, and a bowl of their delectable cheese dip as if we hadn’t eaten in a year! As we got busy with the chips, we glanced over the menu. Since I’d heard frequent mention of how good their margaritas are, I had to try one. They have several types, but I went with The Township Margarita. All of the Sombra margaritas are made with fresh-squeezed lime juice, but this particular blend had a very unique ingredient that made it a standout drink: Brazilian orange liqueur. The hint of orange added a zesty kick, making this drink anything but ordinary!

The Main Event – Entree Time!

Chicken Fajitas

The Chicken Fajitas knocked my sombrero off!

As for entrees, everyone at the table went with something different. I ended up getting the Chicken Fajitas with the house-made Corn Tortillas.  My plate, or should I say platter, was delivered looking fresh, colorful and definitely worth eating!

Everyone’s food was beautiful, actually! After I finished taking pictures, I made a little fajita: fresh corn tortilla, spicy rice, a couple of strips of juicy chicken (not dry like most fajita chicken!), a couple of bell pepper strips, a smear of sour cream, some house-made guacamole, and just a tiny bit of pico de gallo. I rolled it up as best I could (I got this first one too full. That always happens!) and took a bite.

Oh… My…. Heavens….

The corn tortilla and the chicken were just divine, made even better by the condiments. The fresh flavors made me want to shout out something exciting in Mexican, er, Spanish, but I don’t know enough Spanish to say anything that would’ve made sense! I compromised and just said “feliz cumpleanos,” to myself even though it’s not even close to my birthday, just because that’s all I know.

I was in such a bubble of bliss that I almost forgot to ask everyone else how their food was! My mom said her Sombra Salad with Shrimp was delightful after Dominique brought her more dressing (“It started out a little dry”) and dad said his Hatch Green Chile Mac & Cheese was very satisfying! The rest of the table was too busy putting away Chimichangas and Nachos to comment, but I have a feeling their food was up to par with the rest of ours.

The unique and relaxed atmosphere, the killer service, and the top notch food all made for a good evening at Sombra. I’m so glad I finally got the chance to dine in. Can’t wait to go back!

Have you been? What did you order and how did you like it?

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