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EatJxn Amanda

Amanda Wells is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed Southern culture enthusiast. What better way to get enthusiastic in the South than over food? When she’s not writing for various regional publications, Amanda enjoys traveling the South (and beyond), blogging at, and scouring interior design blogs and magazines for her ever-changing project – her 1960s home smack dab in the middle of Jackson, where she lives with her husband, three kids, and teeny tiny yorkie.

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EatJxn Beth

Beth Kander loves new restaurants, old standby restaurants, foodie-events, cooking, farmer’s markets – you get the idea. When she isn’t eating or planning her next meal, you’ll find her writing, acting, consulting, or volunteering with an animal rescue group. Favorites: local restaurants, themed-food-and-film nights, red wine. Allergic to: mushrooms, penicillin, rude people.

To keep up with Beth’s other writing, you can like her Facebook page:

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EatJxn Erin

Erin Williams is a newbie farmer with a love for Mississippi agriculture, old people, health and high heels. As a recent graduate of Mississippi College, Erin loves influencing the world through a written word (or a few). If you don’t find her teaching yoga, you can find her freelancing, shopping at local farmers markets, hugging her perfect grandparents or scouring out the latest sweet spots in town. To follow her adventures around the state, visit her blog at

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EatJxn Lisa

Lisa Bynum is a freelance writer from Grenada. By day she is a wife, mother, and public relations manager. By night, she is a cook, writer, amateur photographer, and food blogger. She currently resides in Brandon with her husband and son, a boxer pup and a cranky kitty.  In her free time, she shares recipes on her blog, The Cooking Bride.

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EatJxn Mary-Susan

MarySusan is one of Eat Jackson’s full time employees. She is a Tupelo native, who has fallen head over heels in love with Jackson. She loves good food, & her parents joke that her relationship with her husband formed because of their mutual love of eating out & local restaurants. She has a deep love affair with dessert, and almost never eats out without getting something sweet. She is an avid animal rights supporter, and she adores her dogs (Maxx the rescued Weimaraner-Great Dane mix & Rooster the Australian Shepherd). She and her husband share a love of eating out, Mississippi State University, and travel (him skiing, her the beach).

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EatJxn Nia

Nia Wilson is happy when her taste buds are happy. As a Mississippi State student she spends many days struggling to balance a sensible diet and stress eating. Now that school is out, she won’t be learning formulas anymore. Instead, she’ll learn about herself and her city. She might even learn how to cook!

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EatJxn Nikki

Born and raised in the Mitten State, Nikki also tasted life in Tennessee, Chicago and Southern California before feasting in Mississippi. In 2007, while her husband was working on his doctorate in Chicago, she decided to start a food blog as a hobby that has since turned into one of her full time gigs (the other, a mom to two rambunctious boys).

Nikki is passionate for community with friends, family and even strangers at the table, as she shares through her writings on It is Nikki’s desire to learn the best of Jackson’s eats and treats, since she believes that wherever you live, even if away from family, knowing the local food helps you feel right at home.

You can follow Nikki and where she’s dining around town, using her EatJXN card, on Twitter and Instagram @SeededTable.

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EatJxn Rebecca

Rebecca Turner, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, is a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD) with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her mission is to inspire and nurture a positive relationship with food that enhances overall well-being and athletic performance. As a credible resource, she appears on WLBT and contributes to Eat Jackson, Well-Being Magazine, the Clarion Ledger’s fitness page, and others. In addition, she is the official dietitian for Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Fit to Eat. To connect with Rebecca and download her free app, search Rebecca Turner Nutrition in your App Store. Rebecca graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with both a Bachelor (‘07) and Master of Science (‘09) degree in nutrition and food systems. Her website, Rebecca Turner Nutrition, can be found here.

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