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CHAR In a Hurry

Patty Peck Take Out of the WeekMost of the time when you think of CHAR you probably don’t think about grabbing some to go. Especially with their atmosphere… it’s a great place to linger, not dash. I needed food and I needed to be on my way, so I grabbed the burger off the menu.

It’s not just any burger, it’s a 1/2 lb chunk of fantastic beef, cooked to order. I couldn’t eat the whole thing. Crisp bacon and cheddar cheese covered the top and let me tell you… This ain’t just any burger. I’ve said before that I think a bun can make or break the burger. After all, without a good bun you are just eating a hamburger steak. This thing took several napkins and you really had to pace yourself. I like fries that have the outside layers of potato skin on them. These were hearty and full like that. I always remember as a child, being told by my mother “all the good nutrients are in the skin.” Mom’s right, and so for those healthy fry lovers, try these babies.

Char Burger

The Hurried Burger gets a thumbs up!

I was also impressed with the to-go packaging. You know that’s pretty important, right? I can’t stand getting to my destination and having a hot mess in a bag, instead of the dish I just ordered. Kudos for a another great to-go spot in Highland Village.

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4500 I 55 N Ste 142
Jackson, MS 39211
(601) 956-9562
Price: $$$

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