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Cactus for Breakfast? Yes, Please!


KingTortas-pastriesLooking for an authentic Mexican breakfast? Look no further than King Tortas on County Line Road in Ridgeland. King Tortas is one of the metro-area’s best-kept secrets, but luckily, Eat Jackson is here to spill the (refried) beans.

There are a few reasons you may not have tried King Tortas yet. For one thing, it used to be called Omonia, like the famous pastry mecca Omonia Café in New York. Unfortunately, Omonia sounds a lot like ammonia, which isn’t appetizing, and thus the restaurant changed its name. There is a sign out on the street bearing the correct name – King Tortas – but the exterior of the building itself still has signage that says Omonia.

Also, they don’t really advertise, and have a pretty small space, and were still listed on sites like Urbanspoon as Omonia (yes, we suggested an update – and, whoo-hoo, they have now corrected the name!), and all in all – it’s been really easy to miss.

KingTortas-TortillaHuevosConNapolesBut trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss out on what King Tortas has to offer. And while I’ve enjoyed meals there for lunch and dinner as well, the standout meal served up by the cheery chefs at King Tortas is breakfast. There are other taquerias and restaurants where you can get authentic Mexican lunch or dinner, but breakfast fare is rarer. And at King Tortas, the breakfast options are plentiful and delectable. You’ll find an incredible assortment of homemade pastries, many of which are under $1 and all of which pair well with the café con leche (coffee with milk). You’ll also find hot breakfasts featuring chorizo, fresh vegetables, and much more. But my personal favorite breakfast there?

Huevos Con Nopales. Or, in English: eggs with cactus.

Yep. Cactus.

KingTortas-PlateHuevosConNapolesServed with refried beans, avocado, and your choice of corn or wheat tortillas, the Huevos Con Nopales are absolutely incredible. The scrambled eggs are perfectly prepared, every time, and the cactus adds a unique but not overpowering element, somewhat similar in taste and texture to a tender mild pepper but absolutely with a flavor all its own.

The beverages are also awesome – standard sodas, Mexican colas, and also whirring drink machines serving up daily specialties like horchata, tamarind, or mango juice. (While the café con leche is good, if there’s horchata available, I gotta get it.)


Tamarind & Horchata Drinks

So if you’re looking for a fresh take on breakfast, try King Tortas. And trust me on the nopales.

FOOD: Excellent and authentic. A big menu, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes they’ll run out of an ingredient here or there (I was disappointed the last time I ordered plantains and was told they were out) but what they have on hand is always fresh and well-prepared.

SERVICE: Friendly wait staff; sometimes the cook on duty will even bring your food out to you, and make sure it’s to your liking; the grills, prep stations, and kitchen are all behind the main counter, right out in view of the patrons.

ATMOSPHERE: King Tortas is in an old Quiznos building, and though they’ve added some of their own décor, they also left up what Quiznos left behind. The strange hybrid of Spanish posters and sandwich-pop-art gives the place a genuine hole-in-the-wall feel.

Have you been to King Tortas? How do you like it?

Omonia Mexican and Colombian Deli-Bakery on Urbanspoon
King Tortas (previously Omonia Mexican and Colombian Deli-Bakery)
1290 E. Country Line Rd.
Ridgeland, MS 39157
(601) 983-1253
Price: $