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Five More Burgers to Try Before You Die

These five burgers are literally so good, they’re to die for! Without further adieu, in no particular order, for devoted locals or strangers alike, here’s your guide to some MORE of the BEST burgers around town! Do you have a burger – or three – in your life that you’d be willing to DIE for? […]

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To-Go Containers Made of Sugar? Sweet!

Have you ever heard of take-out containers made of sugar cane pulp?  Neither did I, until I visited Bruno’s Adobo in downtown Jackson. Adobo is Mississippi’s first (and thus far only!) certified green restaurant. Becoming a certified green restaurant is a rigorous, but rewarding, process.  For a restaurant to achieve certification, it must fulfill many […]

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You Really Might Applaud This Dessert

Remember our recent post on chocolate being for lovers? Well, it’s still for lovers, and, y’all, we’re still lovin’ on some local chocolate desserts! (To any non-chocolate lovers out there, this won’t be the dessert for you, but we’re still gonna sing its praises, with a friendly little #sorrynotsorry from this chocolate lover…) I’d heard […]

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