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The Best Things We Ate This Month

April showers bring… delicious meals that we CAN’T STOP RAVING ABOUT. (Okay, it doesn’t rhyme, but when things are this awesome, who cares?) Here are the Best Things We Ate This Month! Crawfish “Cooler Special” from T’Beaux’s While it’s available, you’ve got to score a Cooler Special from T’Beaux’s Crawfish & Catering. This baby fed my […]

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Eat Jackson is Bread-Over-Heels for Ridgeland’s New Bakery!

There’s a new bakery in town, and Eat Jackson is proud to share our full report on this heavenly little find. We’ve fallen bread-over-heels, y’all! When you walk into Gil’s Bread, three things catch your attention right away: 1. The amazing aromas. The smell of freshly baked bread is hard to top. When you add in […]

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Steve’s Sweet Potato & Pecan Cookie: Destined to Be Famous

You heard it at Eat Jackson first: Steve’s Downtown Deli & Bakery has a cookie that is destined to become famous. We’re not exaggerating, either: Their Sweet Potato & Pecan Cookie is a semi-finalist in a national recipe competition. When the Eat Jackson team heard about this, we knew we had to send someone downtown immediately […]

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The Dish: Babalu’s Trio Sampler

I have a new favorite dish at Babalu. This is pretty astounding, because I already have several go-to dishes there. There’s the made-tableside guacamole, obviously. The Pepe O’Malley cocktail. The Tuna Tacos. But this new favorite may just be the one to rule them all, since it’s a three-in-one all-star selection: The Trio Sampler. With […]

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Go Out For Ice Cream: The Affogato at Fusion Coffeehouse

Sometimes, when you go out for ice cream, you also need a bit of a caffeinated kick with your cool-down. That’s exactly what you’ll get in this week’s pick. First of all, if there were a coffee-shop equivalent to the eponymous bar from Cheers, it might well look a lot like Fusion Coffehouse in Ridgeland. There’s […]

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Go Out For Ice Cream: Snoballs at Nandy’s Candy

The heat of a Mississippi summer can be described in many colorful ways (some of which are so colorful, we cannot publish them here). Excruciating, sweltering or even “is this real??!?!” are a few frequently-uttered words that come to mind. So what’s a guy/gal to do? Eat Jackson has your cool-off cure! What better way […]

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Let Them Eat (Really Intricately Designed) Cake: Eat Jackson Chats with Mitchell Moore

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mitchell Moore, the owner of Campbell’s Bakery in Fondren, to have a conversation about one of my favorite things. I’m talking, of course, about cake. Moore, who took over Campbell’s in 2011, had plenty to say about cake, and rightly so: his team decorates about 30 cakes […]

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