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Burger of the Month: The World’s Beefiest Turkey Burger

I know what you’re thinking: a turkey burger for the burger of the month? What’s up with that?! Well. Every once in awhile, ya gotta try something new. And if you haven’t tried Sal & Mookie’s Turkey Lurkey, you are officially missing out on what Eat Jackson has deemed The World’s Beefiest Turkey Burger. There […]

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Show It To Save It: Amerigo

Why We Love This Place Ah, Amerigo. This longtime local favorite has earned it spot in our heart and so many others – for so many reasons! We love the romantic vibe at night, and the cozy atmosphere anytime. The knowledgeable folks on staff there are always happy to share their favorite menu picks. The […]

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Ready to Judge a Food Competition?

Best of Mississippi Chef Nominations Open Eat Y’all, in partnership with Eat Jackson, announces a new event series where each event will highlight the best chef-preparations of a Mississippi natural resource or agricultural product. Best of Mississippi: Seafood Edition, presented by the Department of Marine Resources’ Mississippi Seafood Marketing, will highlight the Mississippi chefs who […]

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How Table 100 Wooed and Wowed 10 Writers

In November, the Eat Jackson writing team assembled at the euro-style local gem on Lakeland, Table 100. There, Chef Mike Römhild and his team gave us a night of culinary education: course by course, we learned a little something about the food, its preparation, its presentation – and it was the most delectable class you can imagine taking. Here are the […]

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The Grown-Up Coke Float: The Apothecary’s Vanilla Argentina

You know what’s great? A Coke float. Coke floats are fantastic. Think about it: It’s a combo of drink and dessert that’s made for the summer months. Even as the heat does its worst to the ice cream, it’s still delicious. The melting ice cream combines with the soda to create a delicious, throat-coating elixir that just […]

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Go Out For Ice Cream: The Affogato at Fusion Coffeehouse

Sometimes, when you go out for ice cream, you also need a bit of a caffeinated kick with your cool-down. That’s exactly what you’ll get in this week’s pick. First of all, if there were a coffee-shop equivalent to the eponymous bar from Cheers, it might well look a lot like Fusion Coffehouse in Ridgeland. There’s […]

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Go Out For Ice Cream: Snoballs at Nandy’s Candy

The heat of a Mississippi summer can be described in many colorful ways (some of which are so colorful, we cannot publish them here). Excruciating, sweltering or even “is this real??!?!” are a few frequently-uttered words that come to mind. So what’s a guy/gal to do? Eat Jackson has your cool-off cure! What better way […]

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