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Your Best Bet for Pizza in Jackson

Often when my wife and I plan a night out, there is one crucial factor we cannot decide. What do we want to eat? If we are unable to reach a consensus, typically the great equalizer is always PIZZA.  Fortunately for us, the Capital City features a variety of options on pizza style, price, and […]

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Papito’s Mexican Grill Makes Lunch Easy

Over the holidays, I found myself having to drag my five-year-old with me around Madison to run some last minute errands. My plan was to have everything wrapped up by lunch, but naturally when you are fighting crowds with a child in tow, that never works out. Before I knew it, I was cutting into […]

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This Unassuming Sushi Place Will Keep You Coming Back

When you’re craving quick, fairly-priced, fresh sushi, head to Edo. Located in an unassuming shopping center on Ridgewood Road in North Jackson, Edo has remained one of the area’s best-kept secrets. This hole-in-the-wall has die-hard fans, and with good reason. Actually, there are two main reasons to love Edo (the sushi restaurant formerly known as Haru): price and […]

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All You Can Eat BBQ (You Read That Right)

It happens to me more than I care to admit. I sit and stare in awe and wonder and say to myself – and sometimes to unsuspecting warm bodies nearby – the oh-duh phrase: “Why didn’t I think of that?” Often, this phrase is closely followed by another: “We’ll soon wonder how we ever lived […]

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Show It To Save It: Café Olé in Fondren

What is “Show it to Save it?” Well, when you show your EatJXN Card, you get great deals. This week, explore what you can get at Fondren favorite Café Olé! Next time you drive down North State Street in Fondren, allow your eye be drawn to the bright green and orange sign hanging from the front […]

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