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Be as Cool as a Cucumber

Although I’m not a pickle-eater, I must admit, it took me oh… 20 years to realize that pickles were just souped up cucumbers. I’m serious (let me redeem myself partly and say this was before my vegetable gardening adventures). Since becoming a more open-minded eater relishing different dishes around town, I’ve noticed cucumbers making an appearance […]

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Fast Fuel for a Grand Slam Day

Hey batter, batter, batter, swing…. That chant takes me right back to the long, hot, and intense summer days spent on a softball field. Nearly 500 million children are playing some sort of ball this year, and when kids take the field, parents will be charged with providing quick and easy hydration and baseball snack options […]

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Getting Chop’d is a Good Thing!

Mississippi may not be known as the healthiest state; however, the recent restaurant opening of Chop’d Salad Bistro, located in the Renaissance at Colony Park, proves the Jackson area is moving in the right direction. My husband and I were especially excited to hear of their launch because we are often looking for a fresh […]

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“Straight from the Farm” Fresh

Editor’s Note: Happy Monday, y’all! Just consider this conversation the cream and sugar that complements your morning coffee! Remember to leave a comment on this story for a chance to win a $10 gift card good at any of the eleven Cups: An Espresso Cafe locations in the Jackson metro area! A few weeks back, Eat Jackson got a […]

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Friends Fighting Obesity Over Food 

Sharing the same professional passions with personal friends is like icing on the friendship cake. And nothing is better than reconnecting with those individuals over great food! That is precisely what happened one afternoon at The Iron Horse Grill in Jackson, MS; three passionate public health colleagues gathered to dish and dine over scrumptious Tex-Mex […]

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What is Eat Jackson’s Favorite Fruit?

I used to not like raspberries. It’s somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I must say that I’m quite new to the current raspberry fever. As a child, raspberries just aren’t one fruit you naturally gravitate towards. Watermelons, bananas and strawberries are some fierce competitors and, because of that, I never paid too much attention to […]

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A Heart-To-Heart For Moms…

Mothers have always had a lot on their plate. As a fairly new mom myself, I am learning that we wear multiple hats daily, like being the carpool queen, family counselor, and chef.  Often moms overdo for everyone else, and place their own good health on the back burner. And that’s dangerous, since many women are […]

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