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What Can Fashion Teach Us About Food?

Can fashion really tell us something about food? Absolutely, darling. It’s all about painting your plate with the colors of the season. This spring, Eat Jackson diners should take a cue from runway ‘fashionistas’ with the season’s hottest colors, like russet, coral rose, peapod and beeswax and build a healthier meal with deep rich colors found […]

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Make SMART Healthy Resolutions for 2014!

All right, Eat Jackson friends: who started January off with a long list of resolutions that they intend to tackle? I know I am guilty of doing this every year, with the best intentions. But along with millions of other Americans, my goals end up flopping before kickoff at the Super Bowl. Why does that […]

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Healthy Holidays: A Survival Guide

Holiday festivities revolve around decadent foods, desserts, and drinks which can leave us packing on unwanted pounds and feeling like Santa – and not in a good way! Fight back and use Eat Jackson’s Healthy Holidays Survival Guide to cruise through the holidays and on into the New Year, enjoying every occasion, without the unwanted baggage. Plan Your […]

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How to Grow a Healthier Mississippi

How’s your momma and them? (That’s a traditional greeting from Mississippi.) I am proud to be Mississippi “born and fed.” Being a daughter-in-law of a Mississippi farmer, I believe supporting local agriculture is a safe and affordable way to improve the health and wellness of our communities and give back to the farm families that […]

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The Eat Jackson Guide to Good Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? You might be surprised to learn that unless you snooze for 7-9 hours most nights you are considered sleep deprived by the National Sleep Foundation. Who has time for that much snoring? Apparently not many of us, since nearly 70 million Americans are sleep deprived, and researchers expect this number […]

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