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Cocktail Recipe: White Sangria Pitcher

As we think towards Kentucky Derby Week, Mother’s Day weekend and Graduation Parties, Eat Jackson’s resident cocktail expert, Mitchell Earrey has concocted a Sangria Mix that will please your crowds—and make bartending your parties beyond easy for you! Please note, this recipe is for a pitcher of White Sangria and will serve approximately 14. We recommend […]

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Celebrate Spring with the Perfect Vodka & Tonic

This week, our local cocktail expert, Mitchell Earrey, the resident sommelier at Livingston Cellars serves up a recipe for the perfect everyday spring cocktail, a Springtime Vodka & Tonic recipe you’ll make again and again. Springtime Vodka & Tonic Ingredients: Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka Soda Water Ice Instructions: Combine in a collins […]

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How to Make a Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour

Editor’s Note: Eat Jackson readers, you’re in for a real treat! Local wine and cocktail expert, Mitchell Earrey, the resident sommelier at newly opened Livingston Cellars at the Town of Livingston has agreed to share his best make-at-home cocktail recipes with our readers on a regular basis. You may remember Mitchell and his extraordinary knack […]

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Sip On These Now, Thank Us Later

What are some of the best things we’re drinking this May? Get ready: The drinks we’re digging this month are truly a-May-zing (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Strawberry-Basil Tequila Sunrise at Babalu For a sweet treat at happy hour, try the Strawberry-Basil Tequila Sunrise from Babalu, which features Reyers Farm Strawberries and will bring that strawberry-sweet smile to your face […]

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Try This Cocktail: The Oatmeal Cookie at Julep

Ahhh… Fall. There’s a tiny hint of its crispness in the air, at least once the sun goes down, and we’re relishing it. Throughout the South and certainly here in Jackson, we’re looking forward to saying farewell to high temps and welcoming the new season with open arms.  The ushering in of a new season, like […]

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Battle of the Bartenders is Back!

Monday night. The South in downtown Jackson.  It’s on. Battle of the Bartenders is, in a word, awesome. Yeah, we’re Eat Jackson and we love food – but we love a well-made drink, too. And this event is all about well-made drinks, by well-known (and up-and-coming) local bartenders. And it’s a whole lotta fun. But […]

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The Grown-Up Coke Float: The Apothecary’s Vanilla Argentina

You know what’s great? A Coke float. Coke floats are fantastic. Think about it: It’s a combo of drink and dessert that’s made for the summer months. Even as the heat does its worst to the ice cream, it’s still delicious. The melting ice cream combines with the soda to create a delicious, throat-coating elixir that just […]

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Eat Jackson’s Frozen Favorites

I’m no meteorologist, but I can tell you this with a great deal of confidence on any given summer day here in Jackson: It’s hot, y’all. And it’s gonna be hot tomorrow. And we can pretty much count on the 10-day forecast promising more of the same. Some people complain about the high temps, but not me. […]

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