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Delicious Soups That Will Bowl You Over

Now that there is a chill in the air, we are in the mood for a big bowl of piping hot soup. Whether you are looking for something traditional or seeking to challenge your taste buds with a unique creation, we have the scoop on some of Jackson’s best bowls. The Gathering at Livingston Mercantile […]

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Too Cold to Tailgate? 14 Football Food Ideas

We’re a warm weather bunch here in the Deep South, so what’s a fan to do when the weather turns cold and the teams are doing well? Cold-weather super-fans have three options: Bundle up and tailgate anyway. “Tailgate” in the warmth of your home with twenty of your closest friends. Get full-service “tailgating” when you […]

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Best Things We Ate: August Edition

The weather isn’t the only thing cooking here in the metro area right now, there’s plenty of hot food worth dishing about. Here’s our list of piping hot picks that you must try right now. Tamales at Walker’s Drive-In My go to favorite! Walker’s tamales served with a delectable sweet corn sauce, chipotle sour cream […]

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True or False: Turkey is Tops?

Editor’s Note: Remember to leave a comment on this story for a chance to win a $10 gift card good at any of the eleven Cups: An Espresso Cafe locations in the Jackson metro area!  We’ve talked before with Mrs. Pat Mosley, AKA “Mrs. Pat” of Tony’s Tamales, and it’s always a treat. This week’s Coffee Conversation with our friend […]

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Cocoa Confidential: Eat Jackson’s Hot Chocolate Hit List

December 13 is National Cocoa Day. In honor of this wonderful food holiday, you should celebrate with one of the magnificent mugs of mocha or straight-up hot chocolate available all around Jackson. We certainly will be… in fact, in preparation for National Cocoa Day, well – sampling some cocoa ahead of time and putting together […]

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Treats By The (Singing!) Christmas Tree

If you’re like my family, you like to milk as much fun as possible out of the Christmas season for as little cash as possible.  (After all, someone has to fund Santa’s sleigh ride, am I right?) For those of us in Jackson, one must-do family holiday activity is Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree. Free to the public, […]

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Takeout Win: Chili Tamale Dinner

Everyone loves a great take-out dinner. If you’re like me, sometimes you just want to eat in the comfort of your own home, but without the trouble of cooking and cleaning up. Tony’s Tamales on Old Canton Road in Ridgeland is one of my family’s go-to places for killer take-out. Now, everything on their menu is […]

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Hot Drinks To Warm Up Your Black Friday

Personally, I don’t do Black Friday shopping. First of all, I’m way too happy to engage in some therapeutic napping from the previous day’s gluttony. And secondly…it’s cold, y’all. I’m not setting foot in those damp, frosty parking lots, let alone pitching a tent outside. But some of you will. Don’t worry, I’m not here […]

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Show It to Save It: T’Beaux’s Crawfish & Catering

We are finding all kinds of fabulous places in Clinton lately—our newest Eat Jackson directory member is the hot spot in Clinton for seafood, gumbo, and CRAWFISH. T’Beaux’s Crawfish and Catering is awesome, y’all. If you love Cajun food, this carry-out style restaurant has got all your dinner needs covered. Our favorite T’Beaux’s menu items over here […]

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