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Campbell’s Bakery Debuts New Yummy!

Anytime you say the name Campbell’s Bakery, people automatically stop what they’re doing and listen because of the made from scratch delicacies this gem has been popping out since 2011. They’re just that good. I’ve long been enamored with the mouth-watering goodies created by Mitchell Moore and his staff of baking geniuses. Petit fours and teacakes […]

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What is Eat Jackson’s Favorite Fruit?

I used to not like raspberries. It’s somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I must say that I’m quite new to the current raspberry fever. As a child, raspberries just aren’t one fruit you naturally gravitate towards. Watermelons, bananas and strawberries are some fierce competitors and, because of that, I never paid too much attention to […]

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You Really Might Applaud This Dessert

Remember our recent post on chocolate being for lovers? Well, it’s still for lovers, and, y’all, we’re still lovin’ on some local chocolate desserts! (To any non-chocolate lovers out there, this won’t be the dessert for you, but we’re still gonna sing its praises, with a friendly little #sorrynotsorry from this chocolate lover…) I’d heard […]

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Cookies That’ll Make You Feel Like a 3 Year Old

I don’t know a single three-year-old that doesn’t like cookies. My three-year-old is no exception. Recently, I found cookies that made both my three year old AND me very, very happy. Chucklet & Honey Southern Bakery in Flowood may be new to the area, but they are not newcomers to baking and homemade cookies. Originally […]

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Show It To Save It: Campbell’s Bakery

Why We Love This Place Campbell’s Bakery in Fondren is a landmark in the culinary geography of Jackson. We truly love everything about this bakery, from the bright pink walls outside to the warm, quaint atmosphere inside to the baker himself, Mitchell Moore. Campbell’s is one of our favorite places to grab quick cookies and treats […]

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Show It To Save It: Amerigo

Why We Love This Place Ah, Amerigo. This longtime local favorite has earned it spot in our heart and so many others – for so many reasons! We love the romantic vibe at night, and the cozy atmosphere anytime. The knowledgeable folks on staff there are always happy to share their favorite menu picks. The […]

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