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Fundraising that’s FUN! EatJXN Cards!

It’s that time of year again. School and other fundraisers are about to kick into full swing. We know how much fun that can be, and we’ve got a solution to help you have more fun, and raise more FUNDS faster… It’s called the EatJXN card.

Schools and non-profits can raise funds by selling EatJXN cards that give the users special deals at restaurants and other places around Jackson. 2-for-1 desserts, 10% off, 20% off, free appetizers are all part of this promotion. No wrapping paper, candy, cookies, or anything crazy to deliver. It’s a simple key-chain or wallet card to deliver.

Each EatJXN card you sell gives your non-profit $10. Sell 100 cards, raise $1000 bucks, want to raise $5000 bucks? Sell 500 cards. Each card gives a person over 20 special deals at LOCALLY owned places.

How does it work? Email us at and we’ll send you the information to get started! It’s that simple!

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