Best Place to Watch the Game in Jackson: Shucker's on the Rez

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Best Place to Watch the Game, Part 3: Shucker’s on the Rez

Shucker’s on the Rez in Ridgeland, is located at 116 Conestoga Road, Ridgeland just across Rice Road from the Reservoir and the turn is right at the Rice Road Ridgeland Fire Station. Shucker’s has long been a hot spot for those looking to cool down.

We caught the end of the late afternoon games this past Sunday. The deck was where the action was on this day.  There were a few patrons inside the spacious interior, but the action was packed on the deck and patio area.

The Food. They did not have oysters on the half shell. With a name like Shucker’s you’d expect that oysters be available, if it’s oyster season. It is; they were not. They did have fried oysters, but as a self-proclaimed oyster aficionado, I wanted char-broiled oysters. We settled for other stuff.

The nachos were actually really good. The chips were light and crisp, not the ones from the bag at the grocery store. The nachos were loaded with all the fixins’: savory ground beef, shredded cheese, diced red onions, chopped chives, jalapeños, a side of salsa and sour cream and cheese sauce straight out of a dispenser. Sometimes, dispenser cheese it what the Doctor ordered. Well, maybe not actually what the Doctor ordered, but I believe processed cheese product has its place in the American diet, especially when talking about game day food. The Nachos were good; they were plentiful and satisfying.

Tamales. I really like tamales. I make tamales myself. I have had Tony’s and Doe’s tamales. I have had deer and seafood tamales. I feel like I know Tamales. These were okay. They were described as handmade, and I believe they were. They looked great. The masa was a little loose, or soft, and the meat filling was a bit bland for my taste. I added salt and hot sauce, and that kicked them up a notch. Had this been done in the assembly proces,s and the Massa been a little tighter, these tamales would have rocked.

The Service. The service was good. Despite Shucker’s being filled to capacity on the deck and patio, service was prompt and attentive.  This also happened to be on a fantastic weather day, and the deck was a good atmosphere.

The Game. Shucker’s had multiple TV’s on about every wall, inside and out. They also had live music during the game: the acoustic husband/wife duo Will and Linda. Will and Linda were very entertaining and created a good atmosphere. I was a little surprised at how many people still smoke. On the deck there were many smokers and while there were fans near every TV, the deck area was smoky—my only real criticism—but hey it was outside and a bar. The crowd was lively and responded well to Mustang Sally, not too many were intently watching the game. A good number of patrons had on some form of black leather—the preferred attire of the number of motorcyclists who were having a good time at Shucker’s.

FOOD: Food was average.  I will try again for a char-broiled oyster.

SERVICE: Service was good, especially considering how busy they were.

ATMOSPHERE: This felt like a biker bar, but not one where you would get beat up. It was fun.

In case you missed our previous two in our series on Best Place to Watch the Game, check out our review of the Pelican Cove Grill and Time Out Sports Bar.

Shucker's Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon
Shucker’s on the Rez
116 Conestoga Rd
Ridgeland, MS 39157
(601) 853-0105
Price: $

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  1. Dbody September 21, 2012 at 11:32 am #


  2. msu_scrappy September 21, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    flash-fried bacon wrapped oysters. need I say more.

    oh, and like the pelican cove grill, they also offer the bushwhacker.

    if this place was on the Rez, instead of by the Rez, I’d definitely go more. when venturing out that way from downtown / Belhaven.

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